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With the generation of technology, Autonomous Vehicle and Connect Car, and new standards on Emission, Fuel Economy, Functional Safety, and Cybersecurity, automotive electrical & electronics system designs are becoming more and more complex. LHP provides a variety of engineering services and products to assist customers in speeding up their product development cycle and solving challenging product design and testing issues. 

Complete Engineering Services for Electronic System Development

  • Embedded Software Development, Verification and Validation

  • Control and OBD Development and Validation

  • Model Based Design Implementation, Modeling, Simulation and Infrastructure

  • Rapid Prototyping Platform

  • Customized Testing System for Design, Development or Production Phase

  • Powertrain Control Strategy Design and Architecture

  • Prototyping Hardware Design

  • Communication Protocol Development and Certification

  • System Integration and Calibration

  • Software Tool integration and Work Flow Improvement

  • Engineering and Service Tools Design and Development

  • Engineering Data Analytics

LHP works with many automotive OEMs and Suppliers in passenger car, commercial vehicle, agriculture, and locomotive industries to solve challenging engineering problems in meeting Emission, Fuel Economy, High Performance, and Safety requirements. With the help of our partners, LHP works to provide state of art testing technologies, model based design concepts, standardized embedded software architecture, and complete work flow solutions for functional safety. LHP’s broad knowledge in electrical and electronics system development can assist customers in every step of V development cycle. 


LHP has expertise in many technology areas including:

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Our unbiased, outside perspective helps us discover and elevate best practices to efficiently maximize production across your company. Contact LHP Engineering Solutions now and speak with a Solutions Architect Expert to assess your possibilities with LHP Engineering Solutions.



LHP Engineering Solutions has more than 15 years of automotive embedded development software experience, and have been working with major automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to design component based software architecture and adopt model based design.

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