Meet Critical Safety Requirement for E/E System Development

Functional Safety

The objective of Functional Safety for Electrical, Electronic, and Programmable Electronic (E/E/PE) is to reduce the risk caused by random failure, system failure and common cause failure. Functional Safety standards were first created for Aerospace and Industry sectors. As E/E/PE continue growing in complexity, many industries start to adopt functional safety concepts such as Automotive, Medical Device and Agriculture. 


LHP is specialized in helping customers develop safety-critical E/E/PE products and can help customers meet any functional safety standard.


Functional Safety Services that LHP offers


  • Training on Standards

  • GAP Analysis
  • Safety Concept Development
  • Tool Qualification
  • Work Flow/Process Improvement
  • Engineering Consulting Services on Hardware/Software Design
  • Failure Mode Analysis & Hardware Metrics
  • Testing/Validation
  • Work Product/Documentation

LHP team has decades of safety-critical product development experience and bring the best of all industries into one solution for your business. LHP has many technology partners to offer a complete solution to meet functional safety from work process, design, validation testing through certification. 

LHP has extensive Functional Safety experience in these industries:

Independent Validation

Independent Validation

LHP engineers are well qualified and have deep expertise in control system validation, on-board diagnostics, IoT and big data analytics.

LHP Performs:

  • Off-line model testing, MIL, SIL and PIL
  • Validation and integration support
  • Remote simulation test environment using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems
  • In-vehicle testing and performance validation
  • Calibration and tuning support
  • Regression testing
  • Security testing
ISO 26262

ISO 26262

LHP has Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineers and Solution Architects ready to customize cost-effective solutions to meet the state-of-the-art in safety for your automotive applications. LHP leaders have decades of safety critical product development experience and bring the best of all transportation industries into one solution for your business.

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