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Accelerate your career by learning Analytics using Internet of Things 



The future of almost every industry is being built on a network of connected devices. Software, sensors, and actuators will connect one device to another, making the Internet of Things. Through this connected network, mountains and mountains of data will be created, as well as a need for a workforce prepared to harness, analyze, and build solutions.


With the future moving towards connectivity, being able to analyze the data and create solutions round it will be one of the most in-demand skills. Our IoT training course is designed to give you the skills you need through hands-on training. Participants in the IoT Analytics training course will  use RC cars and Raspberry Pi computers to create and analyze data.

The hands on course will test engineering, analytics, and logical thinking and the opportunity to work with a complete end-to-end system. Students will learn how to configure sensors, capture, package, and send the data to cloud based servers, and utilize analytics and machine learning on the real-time and real-world sensor data. The processes learned in the course can then be applied across multiple industry verticals and fields of study. 





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Course Description

Course Description

The class is centered around gathering telemetry data from heat racing of R/C cars with the Raspberry Pi device attached. The raw telemetry data and race results will be utilized throughout the week.

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