Any time a process-heavy requirement is mandated in any industry, you’ll usually see the following progression of events:

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The following thought progression usually ensues:


  1. Oh no! - The process is mandated
  2. This is good enough! - Companies scramble to implement as well as they can to meet the minimum requirements
  3. Oops, this is expensive! - Over time, they determine they’ve implemented it in a very inefficient way and it’s costing way too much
  4. Let’s offshore it! – So they try to determine lower cost ways of achieving the same goal, like offshoring
  5. Well that didn’t work! – Cost is reduced but schedules are blown
  6. Let’s get smarter! – Efforts to optimize and automate are finally considered


ISO 26262 functional safety is no different than other process-heavy mandates.

Here's a thought: What if everyone bypassed steps 2-5 and went straight to 6?


LHP can help companies go from “oh no” to “let’s get smarter” with certified functional safety implementation. LHP is specialized in helping customers develop safety-critical electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic products and can help customers meet any functional safety standard.

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Written by Alex Thatcher