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LHPU Certification Courses


We are pleased to announce, a four-day workshop session on the topic of Automotive Functional Safety and the ISO 26262 standard including the option of examination to become a Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineer (FSCAE). … more information

Location: 2800 Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac, MI 48431

*2018 Course Dates 
January 22 - January 26, 2018

April 23 - April 27, 2018
October 22 - October 26, 2018



Location: 1888 Poshard Dr. Columbus, IN 47203

*2018 Course Dates

February 26 - March 2, 2018

September 10- September 14, 2018

LHPU One-week Training Courses


LHP’s 3-day IoT Analytics training course takes you from embedded sensor configuration, developing custom visualizations and analytics, to performing predictive analytics on the telematics data you will produce while leveraging the cloud. … more information


Location: The Eleven Fifty Academy- Fishers, IN

Dates Coming Soon- contact us for more information


Location: 1888 Poshard Dr. Columbus, IN 47203

Dates Coming Soon- contact us for more information

LHPU Two-Day Workshop
Model-Based Development of Embedded Software in Compliance with ISO 26262

This two-day, hands-on, intensive workshop describes how to develop and safeguard safety-critical, embedded software in serial projects with Simulink® in compliance with ISO 26262 (part 6)… more information

Location: 2800 Centerpoint Parkway Pontiac, MI 48431

March 13 - March 14, 2018
May 14 - May 15, 2018


Location: 188 Poshard Drive Columbus, IN 47203

October 23 - October 24, 2018


LHPU Customizable Functional Safety Training

LHPU develops customized functional safety training based on the unique needs of each of our customers. We pride ourselves on creating customized functional safety training solutions that match the needs of any organization, whether a start-up, mid-sized engineering firm/supplier, or an established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We incorporate your existing processes and procedures directly into our training to ensure your organization becomes compliant to safety regulations and standards. …more information

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