Mobile Based Development

  • Mobile Based engineering/service tools for embedded devicesiPhone World
  • Mobile Based applications for database interfaces
  • Mobile Based applications for telematics
  • iOS, Android
  • Shared design across platforms

Layers of appsCreating intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, cross platform mobile applications is a challenge. LHP has experience creating applications that meet a specific business need such as interfacing with an embedded controller or providing a secure user interface to a business critical database. LHP has experience with:

  • Mobile application design
  • Telematics applications
  • Cross-Platform UI Design
  • Proprietary Communication interfaces

Well-Designed, Extensible, Cross-Platform Mobile Applications


Laptop and accessories

Finding mobile applications that meet specific, business critical needs is difficult. These applications may not provide the customization needed to fully meet the customer needs and customizable, cross-platform applications do not exist.


LHP has a team of experienced mobile application developers who are well adept at creating cost-effective, mobile applications with intuitive user interfaces. We build the applications using a development environment that allows us to develop cross-platform applications that share a majority of code, keeping OS specific code to a minimum.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

With in-depth embedded controls and embedded software competence, LHP as an engineering services provider, enables you to decouple the rate of product delivery from your headcount and industry changes with a variety of advanced software solutions.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Embedded electronics, sensors, software and telematics led to the technology trend of connectivity between things. Intelligent assets are now continually connected to the environment they operate in and large amounts of data are at a company's fingertips. This allow for real-time improvements to their business.

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