O2 Sensor Simulator Module

Wide-Band Oxygen Sensor Simulation

The LHP Oxygen Sensor Simulation Module is part of the LHP Engine Test Suite that is engineered to work with the NI VeriStand Engine Simulation Toolkit for closed-loop engine simulation.


  • The LHP Oxygen Sensor Simulation Module provides two channels of UEGO sensor simulation capable of simulating various wide-band oxygen sensors and fuel types over a wide range of air/fuel ratios.
  • The LHP Oxygen Sensor Simulation Module has built-in diagnostic and reconfiguration features available via the SLSC backplane interface.
  • The primary oxygen sensor simulation control loops are implemented with an onboard microcontroller, which provides the system integrator with a simpler interface, enhanced control, better diagnostics and reconfigurability.
  • All inputs and outputs to the DUT and to the measurement system are protected.


Signal Conditioning


LHP Engineering Solutions supports the NI SLSC signal conditioning ecosystem for an open architecture solution using standard products. LHP provides a complete signal conditioning solution for Engine Control Module test systems. The LHP Engine Test Suite for SLSC provides engine position, fuel injector, and exhaust gas sensor simulation.

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Lambda Simulation
Two channels of wide-band O2 sensor simulation. Requires rear transition interface connection to a 0-10 V analog output per channel. When configured and calibrated, a 5.0 Volt command produces an air-fuel equivalence ratio (Lambda) of 1.0.
Power Requirements 24 VDC, 150 mA Max.
Mating Interface Connectors
Input 2 Analog inputs via Rear Transition Interface.
Output D-Sub High Density 44 pin connector.
Fully validated for simulation of Bosch LSU 4.9 and NTK/NGK oxygen sensor. Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor simulation calibration in development. SLSC fully compatible rear I/O using pinout [04].

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