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We see many of our clients struggling to keep their engineering teams fully staffed, noticing huge competition for experienced engineering talent throughout the automotive industry. The largest available source of engineering talent comes through the universities. However, it takes a huge investment to bring those engineers up to a productive level, which can distract engineering mangers that feel overloaded trying to meet deadlines. In addition, no guarantees say that these young engineers won’t look for and find another job early on, when they begin to reach a valuable productive state and really produce for their team. 


LHPU bridges the gap between the university level graduate and a productive engineer through a six week structured onboarding program. The program virtually removes the risk of losing a valuable engineering resource right when they are finally reaching that productive level. Our graduates reach a significant productive level upon completion of the training.

Learn how students are developing controls engineering capabilities and HIL test experience with LabVIEW® and CompactRIO hardware. 

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Producing Effective Engineers Within 6 Weeks Of Graduation

  • Huge demand for engineers, shortage of engineer talent
  • Extend ramp up time for college graduates
  • Big distraction for engineering managers
  • Structured approach to training

    LHPU Working on Engine

  • Customized to company's specific technology and development process
  • Soft skills development for being an effective engineer
  • Relevant technology training with hands on application of learning
  • Partnership with LHP
  • Presentation at the end of the training of overall learning experience

LHPU houses a proven training formula that greatly reduces the onboarding time required for engineering college graduates to reach a solid level of productivity. Upon completion of the LHPU training curriculum, the young engineers enter their first job assignment with much more confidence and a feeling of accomplishment, as they have already begun to develop the technology background and soft skills required to be successful as an engineer. 


The training appears general in nature but can change to include specific technologies and client process if they wish to fill the class with their own recruits. LHP can also provide recruiting services to help identify and attract the right engineering graduates to participate in the training to fit the client’s needs.


In the LHPU program, the engineers learn the basics of the technologies required to implement an engine-based project by developing a control strategy from scratch, autocoding the executable, and downloading to the engine. The engineers then start the engine with their software and next calibrate and tune the engine until it operates smoothly and within the specified performance parameters.


The training acts something like a boot camp where the engineers feel the stress of real engineering with a tight deadline. They operate in teams and must communicate their results to LHP’s management team mixed with participating clients at the end of the program.


LHPU has partnered with SAE to help define the curriculum rubric, provide marketing support, and provide a certificate of completion for successfully completing the program. 


Here are some of the primary topics that the engineers learn during the training;



"Professional training at LHPU has really helped in bridging the gap between academics and industry. Control strategy development using model based design was a key feature of this training which I enjoyed most. This training helped me to crack the interviews and to land in my dream job."

Sandeep Borra
LHPU “Fundamentals of Control Systems- Gasoline” graduate
May 2016

LHPU Website

LHPU Website

We are the controls training experts. LHPU's mission is to increase the worldwide supply of highly qualified controls engineers.

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