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As demands for safety, reliability, and quality continue to rise in the development of embedded and electronic systems, many organizations struggle to implement AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) tools, architecture, and workflows. 

Since 2009, LHP has helped a variety of OEMs and suppliers develop required components, convert legacy code into AUTOSAR framework architecture, and integrate advanced workflows with AUTOSAR tools.

OEM’s AUTOSAR Platform Development: LHP can assist OEMs with the development of custom AUTOSAR standards, or if you’re a supplier, we can help you navigate the OEM AUTOSAR compliance process.

AUTOSAR – Functional Safety: Given our experience with Functional Safety standards, we can help you utilize AUTOSAR best practices to meet the latest requirements successfully.

AUTOSAR – Cyber Security: With an in-depth understanding of the connections between AUTOSAR and Cyber Security, we are here to help you create an integration and development plan.

Customized AUTOSAR Tool Integration and Training: LHP is here to help you identify and develop the necessary tools for successful system integration, as well as provide the needed tool training. 

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AUTOSAR Software Architecture: Our team of engineers can design the software you need in the AUTOSAR environment.

AUTOSAR BSW Configuration, Integration, and Complex Driver Development: Instead of developing your own software, we can configure and integrate the base AUTOSAR software into your current system.  We can also provide the necessary drivers.

AUTOSAR Application Software Development/Integration: LHP can design and integrate the latest AUTOSAR application software for you - handling all of the complexities and intricacies involved.

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