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Regardless of the Tool You're Using, LHP's AUTOSAR Training Leverages Real-World Examples, Toolsets, and Practical Development





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No Matter What Tools You're Using Such as, Vector, KSAR, or ETAS, LHP's Training Gives Hands-Experience with both Adaptive and Classic AUTOSAR.

Full Course

Live Online Instruction

Course delivered online in 4-hour increments over 6 consecutive business days.  


Module 1 - AUTOSAR's Impact to the Organization

Module 2 - Building AUTOSAR Applications 

Module 3 - Inside the BSW 


By the Module

Live Online Instruction

Only interested in a portion of the course?  Choose the module(s) that work best for you.  Sessions delivered with the regularly scheduled classes.


Module 1 - AUTOSAR's Impact to the Organization

Module 2 - Building AUTOSAR Applications 

Module 3 - Inside the BSW


On Demand

Pre-Recorded Sessions

Try our new On Demand option for training that works with your busy schedule.  Purchase of the On Demand option includes pre-recorded videos.  Consulting time blocks available for purchase for 1-on-1 discussions.


Module 1 - AUTOSAR's Impact to the Organization

Module 2 (coming soon) - Building AUTOSAR Applications 

Module 3 (coming soon) - Inside the BSW 

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AUTOSAR Training Overview

Industry Need for AUTOSAR

Product innovation in the automotive space has been steadily moving from hardware design to software development. Exponential growth in software has driven corresponding growth in software complexity. Integrated from different suppliers, there is limited opportunity to leverage resources from different controllers at a vehicle level. All major OEMs have initiatives to streamline emerging technologies in order to reduce time to market. Adoption of the AUTOSAR methodology is an avenue to realize these types of organizational goals.


Training Locations 

Several Upcoming Training Dates Available at the Following Locations: 
Columbus, IN
Pontiac, MI 
Los Angeles, CA

AUTOSAR Tutorial

During this hands-on training, LHP will offer a guided tutorial on the industry relevant AUTOSAR tools. During the tutorial, participants will learn how to use and apply AUTOSAR applications. 

Module 1: An Executive Overview of AUTOSAR’s Impact to Organizations
  • The Automotive Industry's Perspective
  • The AUTOSAR Software Architecture
  • AUTOSAR's Impact to the Software Organization
  • The Real World of AUTOSAR
  • Functional Safety and Cybersecurity in AUTOSAR
  • Communication Protection for ISO 26262 in AUTOSAR

Module 2:  Building Applications
  • Introduction to AUTOSAR's Application Layer
  • AUTOSAR Software Component Design
  • Interaction with Service Layer
  • Impact of Various Integrations
  • Hands-on Training


Application Block
Module 3:  Inside the BSW 
  • Basic Software Architecture
  • Controller State Management
  • Serial Communication
  • Diagnostics Management
  • Memory Management
  • Interfacing with Hardware
  • Hands-on Training

BSW Block

Coming Soon: Adaptive AUTOSAR Training

Are you interested in learning more about Adaptive AUTOSAR? LHP is developing an in-depth, hands-on, adaptive AUTOSAR course that will focus on the latest electronic control units in the industry. 

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