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Immediate Answers to Your ISO 26262 Challenges

Offering a 360°approach, we have cultivated a team of Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineers and Solution Architects, trained to create custom cost-effective solutions to meet the latest safety requirements of ISO 26262. 

At LHP, we work with you to streamline your management structure to maximize the value of your organization, identify the necessary safety requirements, and create a system for verification and validation by providing the following:

Management and Process Optimization

  • GAP analysis to the latest safety standards
  • Process and workflow optimization
  • Development of safety, production, and maintenance plans
  • Training on safety-critical applications
  • Development of nearshore and offshore engineering teams
  • Management of subcontractors and DIA development

Functional Safety Goals and Requirements

  • Definition of a hardware/software safety architecture
  • Optimized model-based development process
  • Establish internal safety standards
  • Development of embedded controls/software in safety critical applications

Product Verification and Validation

  • Creation of tools, work product templates, and verification and validation checklists for safety review
  • Development of integrated hardware/software verification and validation plans
  • Execution of system and hardware/software test plans

Why ISO 26262 and Standardization of Road Vehicles

ISO 26262 provides the regulations that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers need to follow to ensure each system reaches the highest safety standard.

As organizations dig into the latest requirements, they quickly realize they are not adequately equipped to interpret and comply with the revised 700+ page safety standard. They are unable to differentiate between which items are required and which are suggested, nor do they have the internal resources to implement changes from the top down effectively. As more car manufacturers require their suppliers to comply, the urgency to take positive action increases. 


The Functional Safety Resource Center

Take engineering knowledge and training to a new level with LHP’s library of resources. Visit the resource page to access ISO 26262 webinars, videos, content downloads, and more! 

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