Streamlining Embedded Controls Development Processes for Enhanced Efficiency

Process Consulting

Increased product complexity has been driven by more electronic and software feature content in nearly all embedded products, largely due to increasing safety and environmental regulations, expanding product lines and higher levels of electronics integration. Organizations struggle to have their existing software and electronics development processes and tools keep pace with this increased complexity. Increasing staff to solve the problem remains the usual response from many organizations versus stepping back to assess the overall options available. LHP brings new thinking and industry best practices to establish more efficient processes and improve use of engineering resources.


Model-based tools and processes help to improve overall software reuse and improve architecture and design of the product line.


We work with our customers to develop or modify existing processes and tools allowing them to better manage this complexity.


As a consulting company with many clients in the automotive and medical industries, LHP holds a strong position to identify inefficiencies in the development process and to advise on ways to improve productivity and quality while minimizing the impact to overall development costs.


Learn How LHP Validation Expertise Helped Save a Customer Money 


Optimizing The Development And Design Of Embedded Systems

Group Working Together

  • Realizing the benefits of Model-Based Design (MBD) for embedded controls systems
  • Designing for functional safety (ISO 26262)
  • Enhancing software reusability and quality through methods of software architecture concepts including UML and AUTOSAR
  • Integrating state of the art tools for software development, process management and traceability
  • Agile Scrum iterative development process

Several industries have been experiencing a period of rapid expansion in the area of digital electronic controls. Many products that were previously mechanical or operator controlled now integrate more and more features and complex algorithms.


Coupled with additional requirements for safety and inter-operability, new methodologies and the tools that support them are replacing the old software development paradigm. Manufacturers of products that employ embedded controls struggle to keep pace with the changes, and to realize the benefits from the new tools and methodologies as they are deployed

Independent Validation

Independent Validation

LHP engineers are well qualified and have deep expertise in control system validation, on-board diagnostics, IoT and big data analytics.

LHP Performs:

  • Off-line model testing, MIL, SIL and PIL
  • Validation and integration support
  • Remote simulation test environment using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems
  • In-vehicle testing and performance validation
  • Calibration and tuning support
  • Regression testing
  • Security testing
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