Architecture Design that Extends to Multiple Product Line Applications

Product Line Architecture

Companies involved in software product development face increasing competitive pressures to get products to market faster and with better quality. Product line versus single use architecture designs can easily achieve 20-30 times improvement in productivity when the entire product line is factored. Similarly, major improvements in time to market and reduction in defect rates can be realized. LHP has vast experience analyzing the application variation of software components and generating architectures that can maximize reuse.


Robust Architectures That Extend To Multiple Product Variations

  • Domain analysis to understand points of variation across applications

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  • Architecture design methods to accommodate identified variations
  • Deep experience in the architecture enablers of model-based design and AUTOSAR
  • Experience with build and integration toolsets to aid rapid component integration
  • Experience with both technical and management aspects for software product line deployment

LHP has experience developing software architectures that extend across product lines versus single use applications. Most of our experience falls within the industrial and automotive product sectors but the basic architecture design principles and methods can be extended to other markets like medical and consumer products. Product line architecture doesn’t involve incrementally moving old designs forward but designing components with all of the customer products in mind. With over 15 years of experience in both the management and development of embedded product line software, LHP seeks to share our expertise in developing software architectures that result in customer designs that:      

Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design

Model-based design brings considerable productivity increases, quality improvements, and traceability within the development process. Through training, technology, and best practices, LHP helps companies navigate the changes that accompany the shift to a successful model-based design approach.

Process Consulting

Process Consulting

Increased product complexity has been driven by more electronic and software feature content in nearly all embedded products, largely due to increasing safety and environmental regulations, expanding product lines and higher levels of electronics integration.

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