Robust Software for PC, Web, Mobile, Embedded, and Telematics Applications

Software Applications & Products

LHP Engineering Solutions brings a total system capability of skills and services to provide customers with a broad range of development options for their software products and applications. Ranging from built-to-purpose software applications to total control or data management systems, we possess the necessary software design and development technologies that span embedded, PC, web, mobile, and telematics solutions. 

Software Application in CarOptimized, Dependable, And Customized Software Solutions

  • Customized user interface and database designs
  • Reusable software architectures and component designs spanning control systems to data management to communication protocols
  • Embedded, PC, mobile, web-based, and telematics applications for the automotive, industrial and medical device industries
  • Control systems, engineering tools, manufacturing tools, and telematics systems
  • Single software components to total system design capabilities

LHP Engineering Solutions has a broad range of experience developing software products and applications for customers in the automotive, industrial, and medical device industries. Our services and products center first on understanding customer needs and then on matching our experienced technologists in meeting both the technical and business requirements. By using state-of-the-art software development environments and platforms, we have developed and delivered products for the following types of applications and technologies: 

Development Platform

Development Platform

LHP Engineering Solutions brings customization and prototyping capabilities to verification and validation test systems, resulting in overall cost reductions and quality improvements.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

With in-depth embedded controls and embedded software competence, LHP as an engineering services provider, enables you to decouple the rate of product delivery from your headcount and industry changes with a variety of advanced software solutions.

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