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LHP’s deep understanding of embedded systems used in the automotive industry results in time saved, targeted results, and specialized talent at your door.


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It Takes an Engineer to Recruit an Engineer


Today’s automotive industry requires a workforce that is highly effective, up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and standards, and has an ability to support the changing complexities. 


Currently, there are not enough highly-skilled engineers to simply throw extras at a project. Our customers need the right engineers with the right skill sets and training. Hiring the wrong engineer would raise a company’s overhead costs exponentially while looking for an engineer with the skills required for the challenging tasks facing the automotive industry – especially within the autonomous- and electric-vehicle development boom that is occurring.


LHP’s long history in embedded controls and autonomous development has given our company the ability to provide our customers with the right engineering talent. Our technical recruiters have a deep understanding of the engineering V-model from concept to development to production. This allows our team to accurately assess customer job requirements, review the candidate’s skill sets, and find the right engineer to meet our customer’s growth requirement.


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Technical Recruiting Solutions Designed to Help Customers Focus on Products, Not Recruiting

LHP has a proven track record of success. Our team of expert technical recruiters are trained with a detailed recruiting process. They are highly capable in finding, evaluating, and placing high-quality engineering talent. With our 4-step approach, our customers can rest easy, knowing that we will find the right engineering talent for their team in half the amount of time that it takes our competitors. That’s correct; half the amount of time. How?


Phone Interview Dedicated to Every Cycle of the V-model
  1. LHP has a dedicated phone interview screening for each cycle of the engineering V-model.
  2. Each LHP technical recruiter receives dedicated training on the latest engineering job requirements.
  3. LHP’s phone interview has been designed to assess the deeper levels of a candidate’s skill level.
  4. LHP’s in-depth skills assessment process aligns every candidate with exact client requirements. Oftentimes, our customers deliver unfinished requirements, but due to our history in the embedded control space, we understand the need. 
Candidate Writeup From a Technical Lens
  1. LHP is dedicated to presenting our customers with a true snapshot of the candidate’s capabilities. We send a technical writeup with project-specific experience. 
  2. Our recruiters take time to explore deeper levels of a candidate’s skills that are not expressly called out on the resume, resulting in a more technical writeup for our customers.  
Leverage Deep Connections Throughout the Automotive Industry
  1. LHP’s technical recruiting staff leverages our engineering network built over decades recruiting for the automotive industry. 
  2. Our network of niche automotive embedded engineers allows for an extensive candidate pool for our customers. 
Resident Engineers, Not Just Contract Engineers 
  1. LHPS’s Technical Recruiting team is more than just staffing. Our Resident Engineering group has hundreds of engineers out in the market.
  2. Our retention is high because our engineers are employees of LHP, not contractors. They are provided engineering company-level benefits, hands-on training, and an engineering manager who interacts with them weekly.


Learn how LHP’s long history in embedded controls and autonomous development, coupled with our years of technical-recruiting practice, is the perfect combination to help our customers find the right engineering talent.

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