Changing Complexities

Rapid industry advancements related to autonomous and clean energy technology as well as ever-changing design and development standards have heightened the criticality of in-depth and hands-on technical training for embedded software and systems engineers.


Proactive engineering and HR leaders are working to expand and strengthen their teams’ domain expertise and develop a workforce that is ready for the future of transportation technology; while seasoned engineers are working to sharpen their skills to evolve with the industry.


Additionally, there are sizable gaps in today’s embedded controls talent pool, amplifying the impact of turnover. Frustrated leaders are strategizing new ways to ramp up teams quickly and effectively.


LHP has you covered. We’ve called the embedded industry home for almost 20 years, and our instructors are the same engineering leaders helping LHP customers solve complex technology challenges in the field — so they bring real world experience to the classroom.



Our Training Funnel




Standards and Regulations Training

Today's transportation systems are comprised of hundreds of controllers, containing millions of lines of code, developed by many different suppliers across the supply chain, which are integrated into a vehicle. The complexity to develop these systems is immense. OEM's and suppliers use many different internationally recognized standards to ensure to ensure safety and quality throughout the concept, design, implementation, and even production phases of development. 


LHP offers training for all levels of stakeholders, including executives to engineers, to ensure your teams have a deep understanding of the best practices in the industry and the impacts to business. The certifications, offered through our industry-trusted partners, for personnel, products, and processes demonstrate excellence to suppliers and customers alike.


TÜV NORD ISO 26262 Training and Certification

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5-Day Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineering (FSCAE) Training with a Certification Exam.


TÜV Nord ISO 21434 Cybersecurity Certification

Our 5 days TUV Nord 21434 CSCAE Training covers topics around Cybersecurity Management, Security Engineering, Verification, Security Testing, and Validation of CPSs and measures after SOP activities.


AUTOSAR Training

Merge in ISO 26262 functional safety software processes during the AUTOSAR development exercises. Spend 3 days with LHP’s experts and return to work ready to implement AUTOSAR.


ISO 26262 Power Up

Under the guidance of a trained FSCAE and experienced functional safety professional, your engineers will be exposed to a better understanding of the ISO 26262 implementation process.


Automotive SPICE

Our training “Automotive SPICE introduction and how it integrates with an existing QMS” is a foundational training: We cover concepts, structure, vocabulary, how to read ASPICE and how to apply it correctly.


ISO 21434 Cybersecurity Power-Up

Under the guidance of senior-level Cybersecurity-experienced instructors, your engineers will be exposed to a better understanding of the implementation of cybersecurity, and its management, analysis, monitoring, and evaluation processes.

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Customized Technical Onboarding Saves Company Time and Money with New Engineering Hires

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Academy Training

For Engineering and HR leaders at global OEMs and suppliers within the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and rail industries who are experiencing a talent shortage and/or lacking a full suite of skill sets and seeking a clear path forward, LHP’s new academy training is a proven pathway for increasing capacity, that allows software engineers to become specialists through stackable training modules.


Embedded Cybersecurity Academy

For Engineering and HR leaders at global OEMs and suppliers within the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and rail industries who are experiencing a talent shortage of embedded cybersecurity personnel and/or lacking a full suite of skill sets and seeking a clear path forward


EV Systems and Software Academy

LHP’s new EV Systems and Software Academy is a proven pathway for increasing capacity, that allows software engineers to become EV specialists through stackable training modules.


Training Designed to Meet Your Needs

Every organization is different, and training isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we offer a variety of training program options.


In-Person (At Our Location or Yours)

Face-to-face instruction, classic classroom settings, and valuable hands-on activities all enhance learning. 

Teams have grown larger, but sadly, many training budgets have not seen the same rate of growth. Where applicable, LHP has addressed this issue by building our courses as portable classes.

Whether you come to us or we go to you, LHP’s seasoned instructors gauge learning comprehension by reviewing students’ body language and level of participation, and can adapt their methods on the fly.



For those teammates who may not need the deep dive of in-depth classroom training but still want awareness of a particular subject or industry driver, LHP’s webinars may fill the void. 

You can choose webinar modules from one hour to multiple hours to a series of sessions, using them as building blocks of learning for your team.



Based on your particular needs, we can develop a customized training program that incorporates your existing processes and procedures. Whether you are a start up, a mid-sized engineering firm/supplier, or an established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we will tailor each course to your needs, goals, and timeline.


Training | Customized Delivery

Incorporate your existing processes and procedures directly into our curriculum to ensure that your employees learn the approved process and to not take shortcuts.


Writing Requirements

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how the parts of speech affect written requirements and learn best practices from experts who have been writing requirements for years.


Battery Management System Course

Hands-on testing of a simple battery pack and BMS. Students will gain a deep understanding of energy storage and conversion, BMS functions, algorithms, and fault detection for battery applications.


Michigan Training Grant Program

The automotive mobility and electrification industry brings new opportunities to Michigan – and the EV Jobs Academy is prepared to support the careers of tomorrow, today. The Michigan Electric Vehicle Jobs Academy (EV Jobs Academy) collaborative is developing education and training solutions to meet the advanced automotive mobility and electrification industry’s talent needs. 

With more than 100 partners including employers, industry stakeholders, and education institutions, the collaboration is driving the state’s advanced mobility talent development for the future. Through the EV Jobs Academy, participants can receive assistance with tuition and supportive services, including “earn while you learn” opportunities through Registered Apprenticeship.



Our engineers are more confident and effective because of LHP training. They are a vital and appreciated asset in our team, meeting our deliverables, and achieving our goals.
VP, Engineering & Technology
Global Automotive OEM

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