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LHP is the global functional safety leader committed to guiding clients in their development of safe, software-defined vehicles through Functional Safety consulting, solutions, training, and testing which includes - Analytics, ADAS, AUTOSAR, Embedded Cybersecurity, ISO 26262, and SOTIF.

Time and time again, global OEMs and their suppliers reach out to LHP because they are struggling to keep their existing software and systems development processes on pace with the latest industry standards. With in-depth functional safety, embedded controls, and embedded software competence, LHP will guide and enable you to reduce the cost of production and deliver a safety-critical product.

Now offering optimization and commercialization of electrified power via LHP's new High Voltage EV Testing Center.

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Functional Safety, AV, EV, ADAS, AUTOSAR, ASPICE, SOTIF, and Cybersecurity


Training and certification for modern transportation executives and engineers


EV Testing Center, Embedded Cybersecurity, ADAS Targets and Functional Safety Tools


Test Systems

For advanced electric, hybrid, and autonomous vehicle technology 




Test Systems

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Implementing Functional Safety

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Implement Functional Safety through ISO 26262


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Visual Promise - Implementing FuSa ebook - V03.3



Services and Solutions Overview


Turnkey Systems and Software Development


Learn more about our Systems and Software Development solutions

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Functional Safety Consulting and Implementation


Talk to LHP today to accelerate your ISO 26262 implementation


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Automotive Cybersecurity Consulting and Implementation


Talk to LHP today to accelerate your ISO 21434 implementation


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Why ISO 26262 Is Only the Beginning to a Safer Autonomous Vehicle  

Foreword written by UL Solutions





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New: High Voltage EV Testing Center


Offering optimization and commercialization of electrified power


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Certification, Training, and Skills Development


Embedded Software, Cybersecurity, Functional Safety, AUTOSAR, ASPICE 4.0 and more!


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Free On-Demand Webinar:

LHP's EV Conversion Journey

Learn how LHP transformed and ICE vehicle into an EV prototype at our high-voltage EV Testing Center


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ISO 26262 Tools & Integration 

June 16, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST 


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LHP has been a trusted supplier for the Bose Automotive Systems Division since late 2019. During this time, LHP has provided critical engineering services focused on architectural definition, embedded software engineering, and AUTOSAR design. This critical partnership has enabled Bose to meet multiple critical customer schedules and quality commitments for several high-profile AUTOSAR based programs.
Joe Sanzio | Manager, Software & Systems
LHP solved our problem by building software in an original MVP and then in a more polished software package. The new software has enabled my team to work together, rather than individually, which allows us more consistent work across all the facilities, saving us dozens of hours each month. The team has been extremely easy to work with from the get-go, clearly understanding our needs and willing to adapt as needed. I would recommend (and have) LHP to anyone looking for competent software engineers.
Russ Evans_COO_Prbari
Russ Evans


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