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Guiding Global Brands

With in-depth standards expertise, embedded controls, and embedded software development competence, LHP guides global transportation brands enabling the on-time delivery of safety-critical products. And we're hiring!

About LHP

Founded in 2001, LHP has provided engineering services, training, and technology solutions within the transportation industry for over 20 years.

Our customers feel confident knowing LHP is committed to serving the greater transportation industry and creating a safer, smarter, and more connected world through functional safety implementation.

LHP is committed to creating a safe automotive landscape by delivering state-of-the-art training, hands-on consulting and implementation, dedicated on-site resources, technology solutions, and engineering services built on the latest automotive industry standards and best practices.

"Each year, there are nearly 30,000 automotive-related deaths in the United States. I'm on a mission to create a safer transportation industry and reduce that number to zero. My inspiration and focus on creating a safer mode of transportation came after a close family friend was involved in a near-death car accident in 2015. Since then, the path toward a safer transportation industry seemed clear. If software-defined vehicles can predict, avoid, and ultimately eliminate human error while driving, then the number of deaths can be reduced."

-David Glass

LHP guides automotive OEMs and tier 1 and 2 suppliers through the evolution of transportation — and into the future of autonomous driving.

As the leader in functional safety implementation, LHP empowers global automotive manufacturers and suppliers to create safe, reliable automotive products and solutions, today and for years to come.

We tailor our solutions to meet the demands of autonomous driving, electrification, and connected vehicles and continuously work with industry thought leaders to bring the latest best practices and future trends to our customers.

LHP’s team of functional safety experts has been through it all. With a background in the aerospace industry, the team relies on previous experience and on-the-ground knowledge of standard implementation, change management, and workflow efficiencies.

Our customers can feel confident working with a team that sits on the board of the ISO 26262 governing body. We also partner with TÜV NORD - one of the largest ISO 26262 certifying bodies - to ensure we bring state-of-the-art training and certification to our customers.

  • LHP values its people over profits by nurturing their personal and professional growth
  • LHP guides its customers in achieving state-of-the-art technology that maximizes transportation safety, extracts actionable insights from data, and transforms their organizations
  • LHP partners with your organization and works with you to identify roadblocks to success, find solutions for evolving complexities, and implement the latest automotive industry standards and processes
  • LHP dedicates its mission to safety and uses functional safety as a catalyst to create a safer, smarter, and more connected world
  • LHP utilizes its deep-rooted history in embedded controls and software development to transform the evolving electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle industry

Strategic Relationships

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Our Companies

LHP specializes in consulting, training, and testing for embedded software, covering functional safety, cybersecurity, and more. Our expert engineering team provides flexible testing solutions, ensuring projects stay on time and within budget.

With in-depth standards expertise, embedded controls, and embedded software development competence, LHP guides global transportation brands enabling the on-time delivery of safety-critical products. And we're hiring!

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We specialize in connecting and leveraging existing data within an organization to bring out actionable insights. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to design and develop data analytics and IoT solutions that empower employees to make better business decisions through the use of connected systems and advanced data analytic dashboards.

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LER TechForce is your trusted advisor when you absolutely need to increase engineering capacity. We're the team called on time and time again to deliver engineering resources on time and on budget. 

From its inception to today, LER TechForce has grown to over 350 engineers on staff or at customer locations. From the beginning, our focus has been rooted in our employees’ success, and that remains true today. And we're hiring!

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U.S. Operations

305 Franklin Street,
Columbus, IN, 47201

LSS-Company-Page-Photo-Locations-Global-Headquarters-1 LSS - Website - Knowledge Center - Card Blue Background
2800 Centerpoint Pkwy,
Pontiac, MI 48341
LSS-Company-Page-Photo-Locations-Metro-Detroit-1 LSS-Website-Knowledge-Center-Card-Green-Background
2364 E Orangethorpe Ave,
Anaheim, CA 92806
LSS-Company-Page-Photo-Locations-Los-Angeles-CA-1 LSS-Website-Knowledge-Center-Card-Light-Blue-Background
12001 Network Blvd,
San Antonio, TX 78249

LATAM Operations

Oficinas 02B y 03A, Nivel 04, Edificio Parque Tecnológico.

Prol. Tecnológico 801, Soriana, 76140 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., Mexico



Av. de las Américas 1536
Country Club, 44610 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico



APAC and EMEA Operations

LHP International (LHPI) is located in Wuhan, China, which is often dubbed as one of “Detroit's of China” being a thriving automotive hub in the nation.  LHPI is committed to providing high quality and low-cost engineering solutions and services to Chinese customers by localizing LHP’s core offerings in North America, including development of automotive electronic controls, Big Data Analytics/IoT, testing/simulation, technical talent outsourcing and corporate training.




LHP Europe’s mission is to build connections across the world to enable a better life and create an environmentally sustainable future. They do this by providing innovative solutions and products for customers across the agriculture, industrial, marine, manufacturing, medical, mining, and mobility industries.

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Our Industries









Our Executive Team


Dave Glass


Alex Thatcher


Steve Neemeh


Janene Stotts

LER TechForce CEO

James Roberts

President, LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions

Christian Glass

General Manager - LHPES

Marty Muse

Vice President, Revenue Operations & Marketing

Patrick Hummer

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Debbie O'Connell

HR Director

Shen Macheel

Executive VP, Director, Government Programs

Ryan Kreigh

Director of Technology Operations

Susan Allison

General Counsel


LHP is committed to building a team of engineers who are innovative, forward-thinking, and constantly striving to keep up with the shifting automotive industry. We're hiring now!

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Government and Public Sectors

Success at the local, state, and federal levels.

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