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TÜV NORD ISO 26262 Training and Certification


5-Day Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineering (FSCAE) Training with a Certification Exam.

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ISO 26262 Power Up

Under the guidance of a trained FSCAE and experienced functional safety professional, your engineers will be exposed to a better understanding of the ISO 26262 implementation process.

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Intro to Autonomous Mobility

With LHP’s immersive autonomous technologies training, engineers will learn the basics of Perception, Localization, Control, & Technology Integration and gain relevant hands-on skills that are lacking in today’s automotive landscape. LHP’s training helps build the skills and hands-on experience to develop a talent solution that addresses the autonomous revolution.

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Merge in ISO 26262 functional safety software processes during the AUTOSAR development exercises. Spend 3 days with LHP’s experts and return to work ready to implement AUTOSAR.

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NFPA 70E Qualifier for High and Low Voltage

Learn the NFPA 70E standard guiding processes, procedures, and tools necessary to safely and confidently interface with daily tasking. Practice using soft tools to analyze work areas, and physical tools that minimize high-energy hazards, such as hand tools and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Design of Automotive Safety-Critical Systems

Enhance learning with hands-on practice using the ANSYS Medini tool, specifically tailored for ISO 26262. This training course will enable your engineers to influence the design to ensure product safety and ISO 26262 standard compliance, and effectively execute a successful program.

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Customized Functional Safety

LHP develops customized functional safety training based on the unique needs of each of our customers. We pride ourselves on creating customized functional safety training solutions that match the needs of any organization, whether a startup, mid-sized engineering firm/supplier, or an established Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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Model-Based Design Using Simulink

Advanced control systems are becoming more and more standard when developing software as it is more efficient than writing C code. Model-based design has created a method of portable rapid prototyping, moving away from intensive lab development and placing an engineer at the site for real-time testing, calibrations, etc.

Engineers are more confident and effective because of LHP training. They are a vital and appreciated asset in our team, meeting our deliverables, and achieving our goals.
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Changing Complexities

With rapid industry advancements and ever-changing design and development standards, in-depth and hands-on technical training in the embedded software space is in high demand. 

Managers are increasingly realizing the need to expand and strengthen their teams’ technical knowledge and abilities, while professional engineers feel the need to sharpen their skills to deliver consistent results. 

Additionally, there are sizable gaps in today’s embedded controls talent pool. Frustrated hiring managers are searching for ways to ramp up new, unprepared team members quickly and effectively.

LHP has you covered. We’ve called the embedded industry home for almost 20 years, and our instructors also serve as our senior engineers — so they actually execute the same work they instruct.

Results-Focused Training 

Whether you’re focused on functional safety, cybersecurity, or other embedded software areas, our standardized and customized courses and workshops will equip trainees with the skills necessary to navigate and meet increasingly complex embedded controls challenges.

We offer professional training in:

  • ISO 26262 Certification
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • CAN Communications and J1939 Protocols
  • Model-Based Design
  • ECU Development and Functional Safety
  • Autonomous Controls
  • Cybersecurity 
  • High-voltage & Low-voltage

We continue to add new courses as the industry evolves, and we’re always excited to discuss custom training options!

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Customized Technical Onboarding Saves Company Time and Money with New Engineering Hires

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Training Designed to Meet Your Needs

Every organization is different, and training isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we offer a variety of training program options.


In-Person (At Our Location or Yours)

Face-to-face instruction, classic classroom settings, and valuable hands-on activities all enhance learning. 

Teams have grown larger, but sadly, many training budgets have not seen the same rate of growth. Where applicable, LHP has addressed this issue by building our courses as portable classes.

Whether you come to us or we go to you, LHP’s seasoned instructors gauge learning comprehension by reviewing students’ body language and level of participation, and can adapt their methods on the fly.



For those teammates who may not need the deep dive of in-depth classroom training but still want awareness of a particular subject or industry driver, LHP’s webinars may fill the void. 

You can choose webinar modules from one hour to multiple hours to a series of sessions, using them as building blocks of learning for your team.



Based on your particular needs, we can develop a customized training program that incorporates your existing processes and procedures. Whether you are a start up, a mid-sized engineering firm/supplier, or an established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we will tailor each course to your needs, goals, and timeline.

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