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Tailored Analytics for Engineered Results

In today’s information-focused world, there is an influx of data available on everything from quality warranties to factory utilization. The challenge? Knowing how to leverage that data and turn it into actionable insight.

Whether you’re in the transportation, medical, or manufacturing field, we will help you better utilize and understand your data - no matter if you’re dealing with the Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, or digital transformation.

Areas of Expertise 

Advanced Analytics

Data Warehousing

Test Cell Analytics

Industry Benchmarking

Data Mining/Visualization

Complex Event Processing 

Machine Learning and Predictive Forecasting  


Industry 4.0

Connected Warehouse

Manufacturing Digital Twin/Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Connected Vehicle

Global Assets Analytical Data Model 

Data Operations

Master Data Management

Workflow Solutions

Traceability Apps

Intake and Flow Apps

Edge to Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Organization Change Management

Digital Transformation

Connected Product

Engineering Process Automation

Event-Driven Notifications


Process/Workflow Optimization

Distributed Agile Development


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How We Work

We are fully invested in understanding our partner's current and future state goals and work tirelessly to deliver solutions that scale as our client’s requirements grow over time.

We have helped some of the world's largest Enterprises optimize outcomes through custom engineering, advanced manufacturing, I4.0, data analytics, master data management, telematics, event driven feedback, smart factories, and digital twin development.

Our expertise in Connected Device Solutions and Data Analytics has allowed us to be the team our clients rely on to design, deploy and support fully agnostic solutions, allowing our clients to make better decisions, based on actionable intelligence across the entire product lifecycle- From Simulation, to Test, to the Field and beyond.


Our Approach  

We believe in the Agile approach to IoT and analytics (specifically: Distributed Agile Development). When we combine our technology approach to processes, support, and expertise with our business domain and engineering knowledge, results follow.

At a high level, what we try to illustrate below, is an approach of rapid iterations and continuous reapplication of the key insights. Start small if needed and live and learn with your data, prototype often, and get the information to the key stakeholders early and often. This foundational approach yields significant results (50%) in the first few weeks pass, with substantial value (80%) by the second few weeks pass. As you follow this approach, the quality of the model, data, and most importantly business value improves. Finally, this approach allows you to focus on individual PoCs within a factory, business unit, function, or region or with a connected enterprise solution, or IoT connected ecosystem.

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Precise in Delivery

As a part of LHP Inc., the LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions team is committed to creating a connected world. We can offer our customers the full range of services needed to leverage new and existing data sources to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

We have the know-how for building the structure to connect and leverage bodies of existing data within an organization to bring out actionable insights. Our forte truly is in connectivity and employee empowerment to enable business decision-making through the use of analytics.

Smart factory


On-Demand Webinar:
Master Data: The Foundation to Engineering Success and Electric Vehicle & Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Download the webinar to learn more about: 
  • Designing the foundation and implementation of Master Data to inform traceability of solutions
  • Solving the problem of identifying and populating Master Data
  • How Master Data plays a role in AV/EV safety
  • Realizing product safety, ROI, and traceability by leveraging Master Data to inform critical business decisions, resulting in better outcomes, and product safety

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Master Data- The Foundation to Engineering Success and Electric Vehicle & Autonomous Vehicle Safety-min

Performance Analytics & Race Sponsorship

The LHP Data Analytics Team has Partnered with Jay Howard Driver Development as well as Juncos Hollinger Racing. 

“We are excited to partner and represent LHP Engineering Solutions for this year’s Indy 500 and continue on to the Detroit Grand Prix the following weekend,” said Ricardo Juncos, Co-owner and Team Principal of JHR. “Their mission and focus on automotive safety parallels the most important part of motorsports, safety. I want to thank LHP for coming on board the No.77 JHR Chevrolet, and look forward to building a great relationship.”


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LHP Analytics & IoT is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Jay Howard Driver Development (JHDD) team for the 2022 season. Coming off Two Championship Winning Seasons, 2020-USF2000 and 2021-IndyPro 2000, Jay has added his name to the short list of Championship Wins both as a Driver and now Team Owner. It is not only our goal to support JHDD at home and at the races, but also show how the racing mindset can be useful for you and your organization.


Juncos Hollinger Racing (JHR) is pleased to announce its partnership with LHP Engineering Solutions for the 106th running of the Indianapolis 500, Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, and the Gallagher Grand Prix. LHP Engineering Solutions will be on board the No. 77 JHR Chevrolet driven by NTT INDYCAR SERIES rookie Callum Ilott.


Racing and Analytics - How it Relates to Business

In business, just as in racing, gathering disparate data sets, having the right processes and workflow in place, exposing potential risk or uncovering opportunity to the right teams, faster, is the catalyst to outperforming your competition.

Positioning your organization… your race team… to win, starts before you are ON TRACK. From a business perspective, to stay one step ahead of your competition, you need better processes and insights to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risk. Making the right decisions at the right time leads to delivering products that exceed customer expectations.

From Pit Lane or a Board room, the ability to visualize Data sets from both a micro and macro levels is imperative for long term success. Both short and long-term decisions must be made by data-driven facts - not gut feelings.


What Our Customers are Saying 


LHP solved our problem by building software in an original MVP and then in a more polished software package. The new software has enabled my team to work together, rather than individually, which allows us more consistent work across all the facilities, saving us dozens of hours each month. The team has been extremely easy to work with from the get-go, clearly understanding our needs and willing to adapt as needed. I would recommend (and have) LHP to anyone looking for competent software engineers.
Russ Evans | COO


mockup - Technical Capacity & Efficiency at Fortune 200 Engine Manufacturer - LHPES

LHP Developed a Technical Capacity & Efficiency System to Net Millions in Annualized Savings

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mockup - Digital Twin_Industry 4.0 - LHPES

Built out Detroit Automaker's Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Environment

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MOCKUP- LHP Builds Auto Generated, Web-Based Reporting for Functional Safety Testing.pdf

LHP Builds Auto Generated, Web-Based Reporting for Functional Safety Testing

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