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Automated Verification
& Validation Test-as-a-Service

Automated V&V | Test-as-a-Service

In a world where there are millions of lines of code in a single application, testing has become a critical part of an organization’s infrastructure for safety validation. Test as a service leverages existing test infrastructure and web-based interfaces to help software developers bring new products to market faster with fewer bugs and mitigated risk.

At LHP, we have decades of testing experience and functional safety knowledge to safely and efficiently bring products to the market.

LHP's 4-part approach addresses every step of an organization's product lifecycle

System-of-Systems vs. On-Road Validation

Automating functional testing of complex systems and establishing regression testing capability in a functional safety environment is essential for product and vehicle acceptance and certification.

With millions of lines of code in autonomous vehicles, the establishment of automated testing systems and processes will be crucial considering the safety-critical environment. 

Traditional human on-road validation cannot keep up with the speed at which changes occur on a product and the interactions of the systems within the vehicle. 

Regression testing of the system of systems within the vehicle is absolutely required in a safety-critical environment.

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How to Adapt to New Engine Testing Needs: A Guide for Testing Electric, Hybrid, and Autonomous Vehicles


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End-to-End Testing Solutions


Highly customized one-of-a-kind solutions designed with input from world-class powertrain engineers

LHP offers highly customized one-of-a-kind solutions designed with input from world-class engineers. The hardware and testing solutions you need; delivered when you need them.

Our Team works closely with customers to understand the goals of their engine research and development project and then recommends the Drivven and NI products that will provide the best solution for their budget.

We develop scalable systems with open platforms that can evolve with the increasing functional safety needs (ISO 26262) of tomorrow and precise systems, to meet your exact requirements.

How We Work

LHP Engineering Solutions provides tools for the automotive industry that integrate leading technologies into our increasingly electric, autonomous, and connected world.

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Introducing the ADAS HIL Solution


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