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Energy INsights Program by ESN

LHP Analytics and IoT are proud to assist as an approved integrator of the Energy INsights Program.


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Energy INsights Program Overview

Indiana's Energy INsights program is an Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)-sponsored program to deploy smart manufacturing starter kits to Indiana’s small-medium manufacturers. The kit will help them to measure and understand their energy consumption patterns to find ways to save money. This $45,000 state grant covers the cost of:

  • A scalable hardware and software package
  • Full integration via approved integrator (LHP)
  • One-on-one engineering services engagement to build out custom analytics and dashboards
  • Learning opportunities. 

At the end of the program, companies may continue to utilize the best-inclass hardware and software from their starter kit to connect and visualize other data from throughout their plant.

Why should factories embrace smart manufacturing technology?

Factories are full of numerically controlled machinery that produce lots of data, but often this data lives on the machinery and is not centrally collected and analyzed. Smart Manufacturing starts by bringing the data together to create greater visibility and improved decision-making.

Program Sponsorship and Management

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Program Details - What you will get

The following items are included in the program:

  • An engagement with an experienced system integrator to guide the company in designing and executing this pilot project.
  • A Starter Kit:
    • Opto22 Epic Groove industrial edge computer
    • Three Opto22 electric monitoring units (EMUs)
    • Inductive Automation Ignition license: Either a full license for a cloud instance for one year, or a limited license for an on-prem deployment, indefinitely.
    • Energy dashboards to help users understand their energy consumption.
    • A budget for additional custom sensors, computing resources, software, devices.
  • A training program: Training and workshop opportunities to empower participants to use and scale their starter kit.


Program Goals - What benefits you will see

  • DAS-ESN-Page-AS_550323250-01.2An installed and integrated starter kit that is delivering an important
    and valuable manufacturing insight to the customer.
  • The knowledge and real-world experience to chart their own course through
    the Smart Manufacturing Landscape by buying, hiring, contracting, or DIY-ing right-sized solutions.
  • An understanding of energy savings opportunities, and their own energy costs
    and avenues they can take to reduce their energy bill.


Program Saving - How it will save you money

  • DAS-ESN-Page-AS_468348683-01.3Demand Charge Reduction
    • Time-shift high demand activities
    • Find "natural storage"
    • Improve energy efficiency of key peak contributors
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Quantify savings from behaviors, setpoints, to justify changes
    • See and act upon degraded performance
    • Justify investment in more efficient equipment
  • Other Energy Savings
    • Understand costs and benefits
    • Reduce charges from Power Factor
    • Understand value of solar storage or capacitor banks
  • Other uses of Energy Data
    • Monitor times when equipment is on or off
    • Predictive maintenance of key equipment 
    • Monitor supply voltage for outages and over voltages


Program Qualification 

  • The participating company have more than 25 employees, or an energy bill over $100k/yr

  • Small- and medium-sized manufacturers, which is defined as manufacturers with less than 500 employees total, are heavily favored.

  • The participating company be a manufacturer, as defined by the NAICS code 31-33. “The Manufacturing sector comprises establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products.”

  • Deployment must be planned for a factory in Indiana, and the work product must primarily benefit the Indiana site

  • The company must have a dedicated champion who is:

    • Able to commit 60 hours to the project over six months working with the integrator, engaging with the program, and engaging with the deliverables.  

    • Close enough to the business to be able to develop a valuable use case

The Starter Kit



Power Monitors

Each starter kit will include the sensors and edge computing device to precisely monitor the power consumption at three locations in your facility, whether it’s a machine or the entire site. 



Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC):

The starter kit includes one EPIC provided by our partner Opto-22, which serves as a gateway for the data, hosts the edge software, and has many more capabilities that the users can tap.




The EPIC will be preloaded and licensed for use with Ignition Platform and the Ignition Data historian.  Customers can choose between a perpetual license for 3 sessions of perspectives, or a 1 year ignition cloud subscription with the full Inductive Automation Software suite.


Key Players Roles and Responsibilities

Our Indiana Partners

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Indiana Case Studies

How to get started

Reach out below to learn more and apply. Once enrolled, we will work with ESN to install three energy monitoring units (EMUs) in three locations within your facility. Participants can use their analytics software and dashboards to save 5-15% on their electric bill. Together, we will explore other use cases during your pilot.