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Functional Safety
Certifiable Framework


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Solution Overview


LHP’s Functional Safety Certifiable Framework is a commercial-off-the-shelf package built upon decades of best practices from multiple safety-critical industries, consolidated into one optimized workflow for controller and software development.

Technology start-ups and scale-ups within the automotive and aerospace industries must quickly adopt and adhere to the state-of-the-art in safety and quality standards for functional safety, cybersecurity, and ASPICE. But where do you start, when you must commercialize your products on a limited budget?

Too often, unproven and unstructured service providers end up burdening you with piecemeal results that force you to endure the pain and added expense of building the frameworks for Functional Safety, ASPICE, and Cybersecurity, internally from scratch. They leave you stuck with an unfinished product that isn’t ready for commercialization, and they walk away just when you need them the most, leaving you to untangle this complex realm all on your own.

Introducing LHP's newest solution: the Functional Safety Certifiable Framework. Quickly and efficiently commercialize your products. Achieve state-of-the-art safety and quality standards quickly and on a limited budget. Build instant trustworthiness as you boost confidence in your product design and validation, reduce liability, and guarantee the commercial viability of your product.

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Accelerate your Product Releases


LHP’s Certifiable Framework overcomes the barriers to entry, economically accelerating your product releases and increasing your credibility with auditors, regulators, and customers.


Backed by Functional Safety Experts


LHP’s team of functional safety experts has decades of experience in process management, assessment, and requirements gathering. We have the trusted knowledge and proven experience to create and deliver this unique and innovative value-added approach.



Budget Friendly


LHP’s Functional Safety Certifiable Framework provides you with an economical, easy-to-comprehend “start here” framework that takes the mystery and guesswork out of navigating these critical safety processes. We provide you with the reasonable and practical structure and process you need, backed by LHP’s decades of proven experience.



Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Guide


Our framework guides you through every step of the process and shows you right where to start, how to proceed through the entire process, and how to generate results that are certified and trustworthy.


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