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Functional Safety  Ecosystem

LHP has defined an ecosystem consisting of six necessary focus areas that, when pursued together, place the development of autonomous vehicle technologies on the right track for safety, standardization, automation, and advanced analytics. 


Functional Safety Ecosystem 

Areas of Expertise 


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

ALM encompasses the methods and processes through which software is developed, managed, and controlled.

A well-defined ALM system ensures that the development team is efficiently working toward a common goal and that the end user receives software suited for its intended purpose.



Founded in 2003, the AUTOSAR association aims to standardize architecture and development platforms for software in automotive electronic control units to improve software quality and reliability.





Though systems may be designed for safety, resilience, and reliability, the public may experience havoc and hazards if those systems are compromised by a malicious series of attacks.

Cybersecurity protects the integrity of the safety, reliability, resilience, and privacy characteristics of automotive systems.





Model-Based Development

Simulation of on-road vehicle scenarios is essential to the validation of self-driving vehicles. Developing software to simulate real-life environments allows testing to be done on the computer, not on the road.


Standards and Regulations

The ISO 26262 Standard is the foundation for safety along with the additional safety standards that are under development. LHP’s ecosystem provides a model for creating vehicles worthy of trust.

Data Integration

Data Insight & Integration

Data integration combines disparate data sets from various business and engineering tools into a single source of truth to aid in business discoveries and action.


Standards & Regulations

Data Insight & Integration

Embedded Software & Controls

Embedded Software & Controls

Produce products more efficiently, reliably, and successfully by strengthening the performance of your existing systems or implementing new, custom software solutions.

Test Systems

Test Systems

Solve your organization’s complex testing challenges with flexible, customizable, integrated testing systems.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics utilizes Business Intelligence tools to help organizations discover insights quicker, make faster decisions and aid in predictive maintenance. This process is typically automated or semi-automated through connected workflows and processes.

Software & Controls

Test Systems

Advanced Analytics


Increased Complexities Require a Dedicated Partner

Today, organizations struggle to keep their existing software and electronics development processes on pace with the latest industry standards. With in-depth functional safety, embedded controls, and embedded software competence, LHP enables you to reduce the rate of production and deliver a safety-critical product.

The increased complexities associated with functional safety, cybersecurity, government regulations, and a higher level of electronics integration result in labor-intensive engineering design, development, and implementation.

Increased product complexity, driven by exponential electronic control and software features, has resulted in a need for increased safety for expanding product lines, a higher level of electronic integration, and a deeper understanding of the interconnected safety standards. Manufacturers of products that employ embedded controls struggle to keep pace with the changes and realize the benefits from the new tools and methodologies as they are deployed, resulting in increasing staff to solve the problem instead of taking a step back and evaluating all other options.

LHP has been a trusted supplier for the Bose Automotive Systems Division since late 2019. During this time, LHP has provided critical engineering services focused on architectural definition, embedded software engineering, and AUTOSAR design. This critical partnership has enabled Bose to meet multiple critical customer schedules and quality commitments for several high-profile AUTOSAR based programs.
Joe Sanzio | Manager, Software & Systems
LHP's Functional Safety Packages


Reduce Time. Save Money. Build Safety-Critical Products With a Partner You Can Trust.

LHP's Functional Safety Packages enable our customers the flexibility and support to tackle critical safety standards within their organization. Our team of engineers and consultants will work with your teams, processes, and tools to implement critical safety processes. 

LHP can help you with a specific software pain point or guide you through every step of safety-critical product development. We have an abundant amount of experience helping our customers develop their products across many applications.  


FMEDA Analysis Tool

FMEDA Analysis Tool: Manage Requirements and Quickly Identify Failure Rate and Failure Modes

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Functional Safety Accelerator 

LHP’s Functional Safety Accelerator is your "Start Here" Guide for ISO 26262

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LHP Link

Track Project Requirements Between ALM and Project Management Tools with LHP Link

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How ISO 26262 Compliance Opened New Doors for Tier 1 Supplier

By following LHP’s ISO 26262 compliance roadmap, the customer was able to build their ISO 26262 Functional Safety process from ground zero and obtain TUV NORD ISO 26262 certification. 

"We couldn’t have done it without LHP’s help. We now have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and can grow as the regulations change to cover the expanding vehicle markets."
- Customer Manager


How ISO 26262 Compliance Opened the Doors to New Markets for Tier 1 Supplier

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