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EV Systems and Software Academy

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Academy Overview

For Engineering and HR leaders at global OEMs and suppliers within the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and rail industries who are experiencing a talent shortage of EV software personnel and/or lacking a full suite of skill sets and seeking a clear path forward, LHP’s new EV Systems and Software Academy is a proven pathway for increasing capacity, that allows software engineers to become EV specialists through stackable training modules.

LHP’s new EV Systems and Software Academy was created by EV experts who have already made this leap. Unlike inconsistent self-learning methods that use non-certified online training portals, burdensome internal training that stretches the capacity of already overworked professionals, or rigid and expensive university courses that may or may not deliver the required skill sets, our EV experts guide your team through relevant and customized modules that fit your specific needs. Our team of experts stays with you through the entire learning path and provides an applicable learning curriculum that translates directly to your role day in and day out.

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EV Systems and Software Academy
Course Information

Course information is subject to change.

EV Systems and Software Academy Skills Development

An intro into systems engineering, requirements, testing, functional safety, and ALM for automotive systems. Students will learn to perform a simple HARA, write requirements based on safety goals, and develop test cases.

Learn how to use CAN, the main communication protocol for automotive controls, and apply it to an ECU using industry tools like CANalyzer and CAPL Scripting.

Learn the basic concepts of Embedded C predominantly used in low-level software development.

Students will learn how to monitor battery health and detect faults using MATLAB & Simulink on a Battery Management System.

From theory to practice: Integrating Systems Engineering, Functional Safety, and HIL Testing for effective ECU control.

Enable portable rapid prototyping and on-site testing with this course.

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EV Systems and Software Academy Training Dates


June 3rd, 2024
Introduction to Systems Engineering

Location:  Michigan, Pontiac 48341


June 6th, 2024
CAN Basics

Location:  Michigan, Pontiac 48341

June 10th, 2024
Embedded C

Location:  Michigan, Pontiac 48341

June 17th, 2024
Model-Based Design

Location:  Michigan, Pontiac 48341

June 24th, 2024
HIL Testing

Location:  Michigan, Pontiac 48341


Training Locations



305 Franklin Street
Columbus, IN 47201
Phone: (812) 373-0880

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EV Testing Center:

2800 Centerpoint Pkwy, Pontiac, MI 48341
Phone: (812) 373-0880

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