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BMS Course Overview

Hands-on testing of a simple battery pack and BMS. Students will gain a deep understanding of energy storage and conversion, BMS functions, algorithms, and fault detection for battery applications. Additionally, students will learn how the BMS communicates through CAN networks, Battery and BMS failure modes and mitigation strategies, and how to monitor voltage, temperature, and current within a battery.


Graduates will be qualified to:
  • Obtain a job related to electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles
  • Explain the fundamentals of energy conversion
  • Describe the key components and the critical functionality of an automotive BESS
  • Run performance tests to characterize a Lithium Ion battery system
  • Understand and test the functions of a battery management system
  • Understand failure modes, fault detection, and safety mitigation
  • Familiar with system engineering tasks for BESS applications

Participants will earn an IEEE Certification with CEU/PDH


Duration: 5-day, 40-hour course 





Part 1-2:

Introduction Battery Performance (Voltage, State of Charge, Capacity, and Efficiency) 


Part 3:

BMS Functions (Algorithms, Fault Detection, Health Monitoring)

Part 4-5:

EV Applications and System Engineering (CAN, Operations, Charging, Management)

BMS Course: Training Dates + Locations

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Location:  Columbus, Indiana 47203



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Columbus, Indiana


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