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Case Study: 
LHP Helps OEM Publish New End-of-Line Testing Standards



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Case Study: LHP Helps OEM Publish New End-of-Line Testing Standards

LHP has worked with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in this case with over $5 billion in revenue for many years, and has showcased LHPs value and expertise through various projects. Due to LHP’s exemplary work, the OEM directed its Tier 1 supplier to work with LHP to meet its testing standards. The OEM published new manufacturing End-of-Line (EOL) testing standards which the Tier 1 supplier was not able to meet with their existing system. The OEM needed LHP to understand the Tier 1 supplier’s existing testing systems, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of EOL tester. The Tier 1 supplier’s current EOL tester did not meet the calibration, validation, and functional test standards the OEM required for production. The missing validation step was a critical component in achieving a proper EOL test.

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