End-to-End Embedded Controller Development

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Our Solution: Embedded Controller Development

LHP is excited to offer complete end-to-end embedded controller development for global OEMs and their suppliers within the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and rail industries who require controller and software development with state-of-the-art safety and quality standards such as functional safety, cybersecurity, ASPICE, and SOTIF. Contact us today to learn more!


Our Certified Process

LHP’s new Functional Safety Certified Process is built upon decades of best practices from multiple safety-critical industries consolidated into one optimized workflow for embedded controller and software development, that delivers confidence in product design and validation, reduces liability, and guarantees commercial viability. 

Unlike unproven and unstructured third parties who do not possess a certified process that often leaves you stuck with an unfinished product that isn’t ready for commercialization and/or the pain of building the state-of-the-art workflow (Functional Safety, ASPICE, and Cybersecurity) internally, LHP’s new Functional Safety Certified Process gets it right the first time; accelerating your product releases and increasing your credibility across the transportation industry. 

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Implementing Functional Safety

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Implement Functional Safety through ISO 26262

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Win-Win Delivery Model - LHP Launch 

LHP Launch is a sustainable blended delivery model developed by LHP that enables our customers to focus their employees more appropriately.

A few highlights of the LHP Launch delivery model include:

  • Maintains full utilization of billable engineers
  • Keeps development on time and an overall lower total cost
  • Offers the option to dial up and down the project team as needed
  • Reduces the possibility of scope overruns 
  • Covers project management, technical training, and issue resolution
  • Optimizes productivity
  • Maximizes efficiency

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The Fundamentals of Automotive Cybersecurity


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