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LHP’s Functional Safety Accelerator is your ‘Start Here’ Guide for ISO 26262


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Kick-Start Functional Safety in your Organization


LHP Functional Safety Accelerator combines training and consulting to jumpstart Functional Safety Compliance.

LHP’s Functional Safety Accelerator is your trusted guide and a cost-effective, multi-faceted solution to point an organization in the right direction for ISO 26262 compliance That includes a workshop to understand your organization, a roadmap to address your concerns, training to skill-up your team, and consulting support for the future.

LHP’s will deploy Functional Safety engineers will to work with your team to provide support, guidance, and consulting for your organization’s functional safety work in accordance with your workflows, product development cycles, and toolchains.

The Functional Safety Accelerator Package:

  • Designed to help companies of all sizes implement Functional Safety regardless of if context is known yet
  • Combines training and consulting services
  • Gives companies a jumpstart on Functional Safety Compliance



Fast Track ISO 26262 Adoption in your Organization

LHP’s Functional Safety Accelerator is a proven package to help organizations that are stuck in their safety planning and standards implementation. This is a holistic approach to starting functional safety implementation and achieving ISO 26262 compliance.


How We Work

LHP Will work with your organization over a 6 month consultative basis to kick-start your ISO 26262 Compliance. Over the course of the engagement, LHP will provide a team of functional safety experts to act as your liaison, guide, and go-to resource for the duration of the project.


Functional Safety Accelerator Package

Functional Safety Workshop-2

Functional Safety Workshop

• Hands-on Workshop with your team, led by LHP Engineers, to serve as a discovery period for current functional safety procedures

• Takes place virtually in (2) 4-hour sessions

• Functional safety report to be delivered post workshop

Safety Plan-2

Safety Plan

• Plan the activities for compliance with functional safety for a project

• Define responsibilities and main milestones

• Understand and identify the organization's overall safety goal

• Create recommendations to organization's current safety plan

Compliance Roadmap-2

Compliance Roadmap

• Understand the status of ISO 26262 compliance

• Identify training opportunities, both group and individual, to help advance team through roadmap

• Define a strategic plan for compliance based on the specific needs and constraints (i.e. timing, budget, resources)

Power-Up Training-3

Power-Up Training

•Led by LHP functional safety trainers

• Takes place virtually in (4) 4-hour sessions

•Training materials will be shipped to each attendee

•Exposes your team to a better understanding of ISO 26262 implementation process

Functional Safety Consulting Support-2

Functional Safety Consulting Support

•Support on planning activities

•Hands-on support to support work products such as safety analyses, requirements, and system architecture

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