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LHP's COVID-19 Response 

In a time of so much uncertainty, one thing has remained the same – LHP's commitment to its employees' wellbeing. LHP continues to follow CDC guidelines and mandates set forth by local and state governments to ensure the safety of employees and their families. LHP is and always will be committed to its people above profits, and is proud to hold a 96 percent retention rate throughout the first six months of the global pandemic. 

During this uncertain time, LHP has invested in its infrastructure and implemented a new WorkDay® enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide the utmost support to employees and customers alike.


LHP Software Solutions - Engineering Consulting

Today, organizations struggle to keep their existing software and electronics development processes on pace with the latest industry standards. With in-depth functional safety, embedded controls, and embedded software competence, LHP enables you to reduce the rate of production and deliver a safety-critical product.


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LHP Engineering Resources - Technical Recruiting

LHP's technical recruiters have a deep understanding of the engineering V-model from concept to development to production. This allows our team to accurately assess customer job requirements, review the candidate’s skill sets, and find the right engineer to meet our customer’s growth requirements.


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LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions

By combining LHP Analytics leadership with LHP Engineering Solutions' Functional Safety Ecosystem, we can offer our customers the full range of services needed to leverage new and existing data sources to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


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LHPU Training Solutions

LHPU’s training style and curriculum has allowed young engineers to enter the workplace and perform above where a traditional entry-level engineer might perform. LHPU training has also allowed seasoned engineers to gain additional skill sets and open new doors in career advancements.


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Engineer on Computer

LHP Europe

LHP Europe’s mission is to build connections across the world to enable a better life and create an environmentally sustainable future. They do this by providing innovative solutions and products for customers across the agriculture, industrial, marine, manufacturing, medical, mining, and mobility industries.


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LHP Telematics 

For more than a decade, LHP Telematics has built custom-branded telematics solutions for equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our background, skill sets, and insights make your custom-branded telematics solution from LHP Telematics easy to integrate into your business process.


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LHP Technology Solutions

LHP’s expert team of engineers can effectively solve your complex testing needs through our flexible and customizable designs that are proven to help you stay on time and budget through testing production.


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