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LHP Advances in the Autonomous Vehicle Space, Announcing New Training Opportunities

LHP Advances in the Autonomous Vehicle Space, Announcing New Training Opportunities

TÜV NORD ISO 26262 Training + Certification Examination

COLUMBUS, Ind., June 6, 2017 - PRNewswire - LHP Engineering Solutions has been in the autonomous vehicle space for more than a year. LHP delivers technological solutions that make the world a safer, smarter, and more connected place.

Passion surrounding the autonomous industry spurred when LHP’s CEO, David Glass, visited Columbus, IN basketball star, Josh Speidel, following an auto accident in which he suffered a traumatic brain injury and other bodily injuries after his own car was struck by an SUV.

LHP’s role in the autonomous vehicle space is working with companies to help implement technology that enables autonomous controls, leading to safer highways and greater mobility. According to the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration, a reported 94 percent of all auto accidents can be attributed to human error. Autonomous vehicles have the ability to process much more information than a human driver. This results in AVs making faster decisions that will make roads safer for all travelers and increase mobility for the elderly.

LHP has rapidly become a player in the autonomous vehicle space, specifically focusing on training needed to meet safety-critical industry standards for the self-driving car. 


“The automotive industry’s transformation is essentially asking the public to trust their lives to a computer and a machine. Functional safety in practical terms is defined as the steps engineers and organizations take to avoid failures that harm the public.”
- David Glass, LHP CEO


LHP and TÜV NORD partnered to provide the Functional Safety Certification exam. Certifications are needed for safety-critical products and engineering capability. LHP provides the training needed to pass the certification exam. Throughout the LHP training program, participants are introduced to the ISO 26262 standard that will be expanded to include all road and passenger vehicles by the year 2018.

This program offers a unique three-stage approach to acquiring different levels of qualification based on different criteria. The training is provided in a 4-day format, with an option to take a TÜV NORD Certification exam on the fifth day.

LHP is proud to contribute to the future of the automotive industry. The Functional Safety Certification course is only the beginning for LHP.

Read the full article LHP Company Driven by Autonomous Vehicles via The Republic

Interested parties can register for all ISO 26262 training programs online here. On-site training is also available upon request. For questions regarding LHP's Functional Safety training programs please contact Megan Verkamp, marketing coordinator for LHP Engineering Solutions at, or visit to learn more.

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