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LHP and PerceptIn Partner to Deliver Autonomous Solutions for Microtransit Industry

LHP and PerceptIn Partner to Deliver Autonomous Solutions for Microtransit Industry

By partnering with PerceptIn’s modular approach to autonomous sensor development, LHP’s knowledge of embedded controls and system integration proves to bring low-cost, easy-to-build autonomous solutions to the microtransit industry. 

COLUMBUS, Ind., August 08, 2019 -- PerceptIn, a company focused on robotic mobility and visual intelligence, and LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP), a global engineering services provider and technology integrator within the transportation industry have partnered to deliver autonomous modular solutions that will transform a traditional human-operated vehicle into a self-driving machine.


As part of an ongoing economic development initiative to bring autonomous solutions to the forefront of the technology industry in the state of Indiana, LHP and PerceptIn are growing in partnership to become the driving force for a safer autonomous future. Both Shaoshan Liu, CEO and Founder of PerceptIn, and David Glass, CEO and Cofounder of LHP are committed to promoting the safe and sustainable growth of achievable autonomous driving solutions.


“This partnership brings autonomous vehicles one step closer to becoming a reality. By focusing on microtransit, we - LHP and PerceptIn - can introduce connected autonomous solutions to an industry without risking any disruptions to consumer safety,” said David Glass.  


PerceptIn’s modular integration of their sensor suite on the Dragonfly Pod allows OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers to incorporate self-driving solutions into their preexisting human-operated vehicles using drive-by-wire adaptation. With LHP’s 18 years of experience in embedded controls, vehicle systems integration, electrification, automotive functional safety and cybersecurity, this partnership will result in low-cost, easy to build autonomous solutions.



About DragonFly Modular Technology


PerceptIn’s DragonFly Pod is a low-speed, road-ready vehicle that combines patented vision-based sensor fusion with a patented modular computing system. This allows for real-time localization, object detection, and collision avoidance that vastly minimize a risk of accident. “PerceptIn’s modular design methodology enables affordability and flexibility in building autonomous vehicles. Combined with the functional safety and data analytics expertise from LHP, we believe we will completely revolutionize the microtransit industry.” said Shaoshan Liu, CEO and Founder of PerceptIn. The DragonFly Pod is only a singular example of where the Dragonfly sensor technology could be applied to the microtransit industry. Other applications include niche commercial vehicle applications such as mining equipment, or public transit in urban settings, such as on university campuses, in city centers, or at corporate campuses. The opportunities for autonomous growth through modular technology is far-reaching.


In addition to the modular sensor package by PerceptIn, LHP is dedicated to playing an active role in the acceleration of development, adoption, and widespread use of interconnected machines and devices through autonomous systems. LHP’s goal is to drive and develop the framework necessary for a more connected and safer autonomous future.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve with the advent of autonomy, changing the needs in transportation, companies such as PerceptIn and LHP are here to help drive, integrate, and redesign autonomous solutions with safety at top of mind.

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