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Services Overview

For nearly 25 years, LHP Engineering Solutions has been providing the latest in technology expertise, training, and services to meet and exceed the demands of modern transportation OEMs and suppliers. From our robust testing and test-as-a-service offerings, technology toolsets, functional safety certifiable framework, and staff augmentation services, LHP provides the engineering services you need. 

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In a world where there are millions of lines of code in a single application, testing has become a critical part of an organization’s infrastructure for safety validation. Our test-as-a-service offering leverages existing test infrastructure and web-based interfaces to help software developers bring new products to market faster with fewer bugs and mitigated risks.

At LHP, we have decades of testing experience and functional safety knowledge to safely and efficiently bring products to the market. Our 4-part approach addresses every step of an organization's product lifecycle. The 4-parts are Gap Analysis, Training, Implementation, and Automated System-of-Systems Validation.

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Testing Offerings

Our expert team of engineers can effectively solve your complex testing needs through our flexible, configurable, and customizable designs that are proven to help you stay on time and budget through testing production.

Our Partners Include:

  • NI 
  • dSpace

Our Solutions Include:

  • Automated Test Systems
  • Both built-to-print and design-to-spec solutions
  • Integration of ALM configuration control and corporate toolchain
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Automated System-of-Systems
  • Specific focus on full development cycles
  • Custom control systems to test and calibrate various applications

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How to Adapt to New Engine Testing Needs: A Guide for Testing Electric, Hybrid, and Autonomous Vehicles


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Functional Safety Tools:

Functional Safety Certifiable Framework

LHP’s Functional Safety Certifiable Framework is a commercial-off-the-shelf package built upon decades of best practices from multiple safety-critical industries, consolidated into one optimized workflow for controller and software development.

Technology start-ups and scale-ups within the automotive and aerospace industries must quickly adopt and adhere to the state-of-the-art in safety and quality standards for functional safety, cybersecurity, and ASPICE. But where do you start, when you must commercialize your products on a limited budget?

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FMEDA Analysis Tool

What is the FMEDA Analysis Tool?

LHP’s FMEDA Analysis Tool is a repository of standard automotive hardware parts that are stored in the cloud with Ansys Medini. This library lives in Medini and is imported to the Medini project file for customer consumption.

How it Works

LHP’s R&D team of engineers have included hundreds of parts in the library to get engineers started. If the part is on the market and the fit does not change, the parts will stay in the library as evergreen.

The evergreen nature of our library allows team to build repositories of known parts, linked to the correct failure rate model and failure mode model, to eliminate re-work and save time and money.

Why It's Important

On average engineers can spend up to an hour researching a single part number.

This process can take up to 90% of total project time depending on the Bill of Material.

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Bi-Directional Traceability Tool

LHP Link is a downloadable bi-directional traceability tool integration that allows project managers and engineering teams to integrate with ALM tools and project management tools.

Engineering organizations, especially in the automotive software world, are scaling quickly. LHP Link enables organizations to optimize large scale requirements and manage those requirements across various tool sets. 

How it Works

LHP Link is compatible with a variety of ALM tools and Project Management Tools. LHP's team of engineers will customize LHP Link to your organization's toolset and processes. Once built to an organization's specifications, LHP Link will run seamlessly alongside your engineering teams.  

Example List of ALM and Project Management Tools:

ALM Tools: 

  • Atlassian Toolchain
  • IBM Toolchain
  • Siemens Toolchain
  • HP Toolchain
  • Jama Software Toolchain

Project Management Tools:

  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Salesforce Slack


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Visual Promise - Implementing FuSa ebook - V03.3




Implementing Functional Safety 

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Implement Functional Safety through ISO 26262


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Staff Augmentation and Supplemental Resources

From time to time, projects require supplemental resources or get delayed, and catching up demands staff augmentation. LHP gets it and we understand the industries, technologies, and requirements that keep you up at night. We provide the additional capacity needed to complete your engineering projects and product development on time and within budget. Some of the specific skilled expertise we provide include:

  • Systems Engineers

  • Functional Safety Engineers

  • Cybersecurity Engineers

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Embedded Software Engineers

  • Controls Engineers (MBD)

  • MIL, SIL, HIL Engineers

  • Calibration Engineers

  • Validation (Component, Integration, and System) Engineers

  • Engineering Tools Developers

  • Mechanical Design Engineers

  • Mechanical Development Engineers

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