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On-Demand Webinar: Accelerate Development and Satisfy ADAS Functional Safety Standards

Introducing A³DAS by LHP and Konrad Technologies



Webinar Mockup- Accelerate Development and Satisfy ADAS Functional Safety Standards




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Joint Webinar with
LHP and Konrad Technologies


Abstract: Accelerate Development and Satisfy ADAS Functional Safety Standards

Can you design ADAS functions to meet developing ADAS functional safety standards?


Transition from traditional testing to State-of-the-Art verification & validation with A³DAS from LHP and Konrad Technologies. LHP and Konrad Technologies are leveraging their experiences in functional safety and sensor test, respectively, to develop a cohesive testing and workflow management process for several ADAS/ADS safety standards like SOTIF and NCAP. At this webinar, we will share key features of this new solution and how this solution allows the ADAS development efforts to meet functional safety standards while reducing time to market. Primary benefits include quickly identifying ADAS design improvements to satisfy standard requirements and reducing live road test hours while increasing safety for drivers and testers.

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