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AUTOSAR Part 3 - AUTOSAR's Impact to Organizations 

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On-Demand Webinar (Part 3): AUTOSAR’s Impact to Organizations


Adopting the AUTOSAR methodology impacts organizations at many levels. One group that is impacted the most is software development. Typically, low-level software is developed per company, per project, costing time and money. AUTOSAR is an adaptation to standardized low-level software, offering reusability of common sets of software functionality that are pre-tested and verified. It captures that commonality and makes it available to more high-level applications. By standardizing these software sets, the AUTOSAR methodology can expedite time to market and high-level application development.

Complications with many existing tools will arise within an AUTOSAR system. Adopting AUTOSAR requires a re-thinking of the development environment, testing methods, and communication. But as our world moves to standardizing on autonomy and human safety standards such as ISO 26262, the AUTOSAR methodology creates an avenue for tried, true, and tested functionality.

With AUTOSAR, individual software sets are purchased from suppliers. While the elements and methodology are specified, the implementation and design of the application software architecture is product and organization-specific. Adopters of AUTOSAR are afforded the advantage of focusing on feature-based applications rather than concentrating on basic architecture such as communication and low-level drivers.

Join LHP’s Dr. Steven Fraser, PhD, for a look at the impacts of AUTOSAR and the challenges and opportunities organizations face when adopting this methodology.

Topics covered in this on-demand webinar include:

Low-level Software Organization
Advantages & Disadvantages
Standardization of Tools & Methods
Vehicle Architecture Design

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