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AUTOSAR Part 2 -Software Architecture 

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On-Demand Webinar (Part 2): AUTOSAR Software Architecture


Adopting the AUTOSAR methodology heavily impacts the software development and design groups of an organization. Vehicle-level architecture tends to be dominated by a fairly large number of independent ECUs providing a specific function, such as ABS control or vehicle lighting. These controllers are typically independent of other ECUs in terms of functionality.

One of AUTOSAR’s main benefits is reusability; integrating sets of functionality as opposed to sets of given requirements. Dependencies between ECUs and the data that is shared among them will now span across vehicle platforms, possibly OEMs. AUTOSAR allows a much better, much tighter integration of the vehicle-level design with the individual ECU. AUTOSAR is function-centric as opposed to legacy ECU-centric design.

With so many organizations adopting new processes and methodologies today, the time is now to begin understanding how to merge the ecosystem of these technologies. For example, building AUTOSAR packages compliant with 26262, vehicle-level functions should be allocated to different controllers in order to provide non-homogeneous redundancy and fault tolerance. Today’s engineers need to be properly trained on how technologies link with each other.

Join LHP’s Dr. Steven Fraser, Ph.D., for a look at the AUTOSAR methodology and the challenges and opportunities software organizations face when adopting this technology.

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