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Defining the Critical Relationship between Master Data and Automotive Functional Safety






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Defining the Critical Relationship between Master Data and Automotive Functional Safety


  • James Roberts: President of LHP Analytics & IoT 


  • Steve Neemeh: Chief Technology Officer, LHP, Inc.
  • Dr. Felice Ferri, Chief Solutions Architect, and Certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Yuan Chao, Full-Stack Architect and Lead Developer



This webinar is aimed at providing product engineers and engineering executives insights into Master Data and its importance in achieving AV/EV safety and product success in any manufacturing environment.


Defining Master Data and Its Importance to Achieving Electric Vehicle & Autonomous Vehicle Safety

We will explore why having this single source of truth (Master Data) is imperative to realize AV/EV safety, ROI, and traceability across a product life cycle. We will explore Master Data from both an engineering and operations perspective, sharing how it informs better decisions and is the key to understanding outcomes across your product life cycle while achieving AV/EV Safety


Topics we will cover:
  • Designing the foundation and implementation of Master Data to inform traceability of solutions
  • Solving the problem of identifying and populating Master Data
  • How Master Data plays a role in AV/EV safety
  • Realizing product safety, ROI, and traceability by leveraging Master Data to inform critical business decisions, resulting in better outcomes, and product safety

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