Customizable for Prototyping, Researching, Developing, and Calibrating Combustion Engines

Engine Control System

LHP/ECS provides a full-authority research engine controller based on the powerful multi-gigahertz, multi-core, and expandable NI PXI platform. The LHP ECS comes fully integrated with an engine control software example that you can use as a baseline to quickly get your engine up and running. The software is openly programmable to allow customization for your specific application. When combined with a combustion analysis option, the ECS becomes a fully integrated off-the-shelf next-cycle control system capable of calculating pressure-based combustion parameters quickly enough to be used as closed-loop feedback in the real-time engine control algorithm.



Be in Control of Your Testing  

  • Ideal for prototyping, researching, developing, and calibrating internal combustion engines
  • Modular approach scales both processing power and I/O to any engine, including multi-fuel
  • NI LabVIEW graphical system design software for intuitive programming
  • Integrated FPGAs for high performance and reconfigurability between applications
  • Both portable and higher performance stationary systems available
  • Ready-to-use, tunable software and custom software available



Combustion Analysis Option


Combustion analysis options add dedicated software and hardware to your system for performing pressure-based combustion calculations. 
  1. Includes NI CAS Software and hardware for up to 16 high-speed (500 kHz) synchronous/asynchronous channels.
  2. Includes NI CAS Software and hardware for up to 16 high-speed (500 kHz) synchronous/asynchronous channels and 64 medium-speed (≤1 kHz) channels.
  3. Includes NI CAS Software and hardware for up to 16 high-speed synchronous channels, 16 high-speed asynchronous channels, and 128 medium-speed channels.

Looking for a Smaller Engine Control System?


The RPU is built specifically for Mathworks Simulink giving embedded systems engineers an environment to develop controls algorithms. 




The Rapid Prototype Unit (RPU) supports model-in-the-loop (MIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing. Users can exercise Simulink models by running them on simulated hardware with plant in the loop. Verify your models with an RPU.
RCP Evaluation Kit

RCP Evaluation Kit

The LHP RCP Evaluation Kit enables you to start building control models in Simulink® for deployment on National Instruments™ CompactRIO hardware. The kit includes the LHP Panthera™ RCP Suite, NI controller hardware, example Simulink models, and step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away.
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