Automotive Cybersecurity

True safety encompasses cybersecurity


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Without Cybersecurity You Do Not Have Safety


Autonomy is driving the connected vehicle. With that connectivity comes cybersecurity threats. These threats are above and beyond what you will handle in FS. The standards are evolving, so there is no one size fits all. 

All connected products and organizations need to be customized to the latest cybersecurity standards. You need to assess the standards that are being published. 

  • SAE J3061
  • ISO 21434
  • IoT Cybersecurity foundation standards 
  • IT standards for security

You need a person who will understand where these standards intersect and need to live within your lifecycle. 

The ultimate goal is to reduce your risk.

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Overview of illustration of intersection with cars and radars

Resolving the additional risks posed on transportation systems given the connectivity, communications, and complexity of the industry is paramount to achieving overall trustworthiness. 

Safety + Security = Trust

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