Ashutosh Chandel

Ashutosh Chandel

Ashutosh Chandel joined LHP in 2011. He is the Director of Engineering managing an engineering team spread all over the United States, directing the growth and integration of LHP’s ecosystem of core competencies. Ashutosh also serves as a Level II FSCAC (Functional Safety Certified Automotive Consultant) and instructor for the ISO 26262 automotive standard. His engineering experience includes 20 years in all aspects of project planning and execution, including activities such as writing technical requirements, design, development, writing proposals, project estimation, budgeting, and risk analysis. With almost 2 decades of experience, Ashutosh has resided in various domains, such as embedded, manufacturing IT, R&D, remote monitoring and diagnostics, industrial and plant automation for the automotive industry, automotive functional safety, medical device and equipment, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and plant automation and integration domains. Other responsibilities include evaluating third party vendors and suppliers for product evaluation and testing to verify acceptable matches of devices, products, and tools for his programs. Besides his involvement in engineering, Ashutosh has been successful leading and implementing projects and programs, working closely with business development managers and sometimes, taking on the role of account manager. His expertise is peppered all along the engineering V-diagram, involved in various phases of the SDLC, such as requirements gathering, design, development and construction, integration, testing, installation and commissioning, acceptance and implementation phases along with configuration management and quality control. The vast exposure has given him knowledge in N-Tier application architecture and implementation. Ashutosh is certified through TUV Nord as a Functional Safety Certified Automotive Consultant and a Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineer. Through National Instruments, he is a certified LabVIEW Architect. Ashutosh holds an MBA from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Pune. He and his family live in Columbus, Indiana.

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How Do You Build a Safety Culture for Your Organization?

By Ashutosh Chandel on Nov 29, 2022 11:34:07 AM

What is a safety culture? A safety culture is the compilation of ideologies, mindsets, perceptions, knowledge, attitudes, and values, that employees share related to the risks within an organization, such as those found in a workplace. It reflects the organization’s attitude about safety from top to bottom, and across all functions, disciplines, teams, and processes.
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Understanding an ASIL in the Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262

By Ashutosh Chandel on Aug 13, 2020 2:17:07 PM

Understanding an ASIL in the Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262
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