Donald Lakin

Donald Lakin

Don Joined LHP in 2016 after an early retirement to serve as a Technical Advisor and to manage the LHP QMS. Don started his career developing processes for solid-state sensors, specifically MEMS devices. He later worked as an Instrumentation Engineer, applying those semiconductor Process skills to rotating turbine engine hardware and to define solid state sensors for use in diesel engine electronic controls. He has served in General management roles in semiconductor processing, environmental lab testing, Electronic Functional Excellence, 6S, and Quality. Don holds degrees in Engineering and in Business Administration. He is a USAF veteran.

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What Are the Benefits of Automotive Quality Management Systems?

By Donald Lakin on May 26, 2022 1:06:00 PM

What Are the Benefits of Automotive Quality Management Systems?   Introduction During product development and production, the automotive industry relies heavily on evaluation, verification/validation, and testing, all of which aim toward consistent, efficient road safety worldwide. Quality control is on that list as well, specifically because it allows engineers to continuously measure and assess different products’ specifications to make sure certain components function and behave as intended over the product lifetime.
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