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Improving H/Ev Motor Control Using Simulation in Labview

By Eric Neleigh on Sep 19, 2018 7:30:00 PM

How to evaluate H/EV technology to improve motor control using simulation in LabView One of the most integral elements of the Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle or H/EV is the control technology.  Due to these vehicles operating in a vast range of environments the motor will regularly switch through various loads. With that said, the most important issue is improving motor control efficiency while maintaining performance and avoiding damage. It’s wise to test control algorithms for motor control through simulation before applying power to any circuit.  Especially when working with hundreds of volts and/or hundreds of amps of current. A simple mistake in your control algorithm can damage components or even worse cause collateral damage. 
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Dealing with Switching Losses in Inverters

By Eric Neleigh on May 4, 2018 7:48:00 PM

How to Increase Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Utilization Efficiency One of the major efforts to increasing Hybrid Vehicle/Electric Vehicle battery utilization efficiency in the automotive industry is focusing on the inverter.  Current estimates of switching losses are in the range of 5-15%.  Switching losses are inevitable, but we can address this by design and target how we want to mitigate it while weighing the factors of compactness, ease of design, ease of manufacturability, and cost. Source: How Electric Cars Work — Read more at  
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