Felice Ferri

Felice Ferri

Felice joined LHP in October 2020 as Chief Solutions Architect. Coming from a Medical Background after working for several years in the Health-Tech intersection decided to hang the white coat and dedicate himself to software development and architecture. Highly passionate about IoT & Cloud technologies Felice has been certified by Microsoft as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert and Azure IoT Developer. In the last year and a half he has been working architecting and coding real time cloud distributed systems to handle telemetry for different LHP customers. His recipe for success for these high ingress data projects has been a combination of applying Event Driven Architecture in combination with non relational databases such as Microsoft Cosmos DB and using micro-services in the form of Azure Functions that communicates to each other asynchronously by Event Hubs (pub/sub offer as kafka). Felice is a notoriously defendant of Asymptotic Analysis and First Principles thinking.

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What is Electric Vehicle Telematics?

By Felice Ferri on Nov 29, 2022 12:02:04 PM

Introduction While glancing into the future of automotive and identifying the potential opportunities, challenges, success, and failure the industry should encounter while shifting toward electrification, electric vehicle (EV) telematics will continue to be a vital process. The rise in data dependency within automotive is a widely acknowledged notion, but it is still so critical that it is worth reemphasizing again—especially as the industry navigates through the early stages of a new, electrified era. Sophisticated vehicles can achieve and maintain efficient operability while adhering to safety performance standards because of the telematics and analytics involved in the product development process. The importance of pulling information through telematics will grow in parallel to the complexity of EV development both now and in the future because telematics may become more complex as more data is accessed and utilized. The EV market is becoming a driving force regarding where the industry is shifting toward, meaning that telematics, along with a meticulous analytics plan, will add valuable context to the information collected in products’ software and integrated technology systems. To maintain the development of safety-optimized vehicles with advanced technology, telematics is a needed asset.
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How to Build Master Data Systems: Architecture, Trade-offs, and Constraints

By Felice Ferri on Sep 7, 2022 4:45:33 PM

How to Build Master Data Systems: Architecture, Trade-offs, and Constraints Master data has a critical role to play when guaranteeing organizational visibility, operational efficiency, and product functional safety. As data becomes more complex in the future, the need for master data in automotive will continue to increase. This blog is the second of a 3-part series focused on the importance of master data, the technical architecture of master data systems, and the trade-offs and constraints that come with building these systems, ultimately proposing what a proper master data plan looks like, which can help organizations achieve growth and success. The content in each blog is centralized around the main topics from LHP’s DAS Master Data webinar panel that we held this past June:
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