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Case Study: 
Customized Technical Onboarding Saves Company Time & Money with New Engineering Hires



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Case Study: Customized Technical Onboarding Saves Company Time & Money with New Engineering Hires

Engineering Technical Onboarding Program (eTOP) specifically addresses the technical aspect of onboarding engineers. Modules are designed based on the specific tools, processes, and IP of the Client. Every person associated in eTOP must take an IP course dictated by the Client to ensure confidentiality. Modules are then delivered by trainers who double as the doer, enhancing the technical knowledge and understanding of the tasks needed to get from Point A to Point B. Each student uses his company-issued computer, set up with the necessary access and permissions needed to be successful during technical onboarding. Coupled into the technical modules are soft skills trainings that touch on all aspects of how to become a better teammate, both within the organizational group and cross-functionally. In an effort to provide a higher percentage of knowledge retention, all materials are housed in the Client’s learning system. To foster communication between the student and their manager, recaps of the modules’ learning objectives and talking points are emailed weekly. Surveys are sent to each manager 2 months after the student graduates to gauge retention and job performance.

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