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Case Study: 
Driving Smart Manufacturing Standards for USCAR









Case Study:
Driving Smart Manufacturing Standards for USCAR

For USCAR companies to remain competitive in the era of Smart Manufacturing, data connectivity and 
integration between systems must utilize open standards. Supporting legacy, proprietary closed systems 
on the manufacturing floor has created an unacceptable burden of lost time, talents, and profit.

Universal connectivity is one of the foundational technologies enabling data sharing among participating 
components of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system. Connectivity provides the ability to exchange 
data among participants within a functional domain, across functional domains within a system, and across 
systems. The data exchanged may include sensor updates, events, alarms, status changes, commands, and 
configuration updates. Connectivity is a crosscutting function in the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture. 
It provides the ability to exchange data between participants within and across functional domains (control, operations, information, applications, business).

USCAR asked LHP to provide the consulting leadership and expertise needed to benchmark current industry IIoT standards, “Assess and Identify“ the current state of maturity in this area, and subsequently develop and implement a common standard for USCAR and its Members.

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