Customized Functional Safety Training


Customized functional safety training, designed for your organization, and tailored to meet the ISO 26262 standard





LHP develops customized functional safety training based on the unique needs of each of our customers. We pride ourselves on creating customized functional safety training solutions that match the needs of any organization, whether a startup, mid-sized engineering firm/supplier, or an established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

We incorporate your existing processes and procedures directly into our training to ensure that your organization becomes compliant with safety regulations and standards.


What to Expect:

LHP has years of experience certifying and training corporations and individuals to meet the needs of the industry. The certified team of LHP trainers takes a hands-on approach to implementing and developing a customized and practical approach to functional safety.

LHP trainers will be with you every step of the way, answering questions, providing examples, and performing exercises and activities specifically designed for your organization’s needs.


Learning Objectives

  • Apply a systematic approach and iterative process from conception to final metrics computation

  • Apply functional safety theory using the ANSYS Medini software with hands-on training in a practice project

  • Associate different analysis types with each design/program phase

  • Explain each type of analyses and their relationships among each other

  • Illustrate steps from analysis preparation through metrics evaluation

  • Showcase how to use analyses results to influence, improve, and validate the design

  • Provide an overview of similarities and differences between system-level and vehicle-level safety analyses


  1. Systematic Design Roadmap Overview

  2. Analysis of Type and Work Flow

  3. Program Phases and Associated Analyses

  4. Analyses Types and Relationships (Each Type with Hands-On Medini Practice)

  5. Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment

  6. Safety Goals and Requirements

  7. System Design

  8. Safety Analyses

  9. Report Creation


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