Data Integration: For Manufacturing and Transportation Industries


Take the steps to quickly achieve end-to-end data integrity while considering functional safety


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Data Integration Is Essential



Struggling with traceability, visibility, integrity, siloed data, and interconnectedness?

  • LHP lives for understanding the What, Where, Why, and How when it comes to connecting disparate data

  • Big Data is now an essential part of business, requiring a well-rounded understanding of business workflows.
  • A more efficient data integration leads to better outcomes, and the value is obtained through the visualization of actionable insights from all the data sets already accessible inside the organization.


Struggling with accurate, reliable, and reproducible results from your data?

  • LHP provides a plan on how to connect your data sets so that you don’t have to deal with increased costs, extensive time to market, reactive issue resolution, and insights to drive better outcomes.
  • LHP untangles the web of multiple data silos living within an organizational structure, helping solve real business-related challenges.
  • To achieve this, we take a value-based solutions approach rather than throwing new technology at a business problem.
  • Eliminating a technology-based solution approach in turn removes: 
      a. Resistance from users
      b. Unnecessary complexity
      c. A difficult path to success


USCAR recognized a need to standardize data connectivity and the integration between systems throughout the global automotive supply chain. USCAR asked LHP to provide the leadership and expertise needed to benchmark and develop industry IIoT standards.



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Unlock the Power of Your Data Sets


LHP guides the best brands in the world with data integration; diving into the organization’s workflow and data sets, in order to make data visible, traceable, and interconnected.

Our Path To Success:

Step 1. We start with a whiteboard discovery and GAP analysis to understand the multi-disciplinary needs and put together a recommended action plan (RAP) to get results.

Step 2. We will implement a plan of action that will ensure data integrity and define what each particular machine is written in; if needed, write an API:

  1.  Custom API development: Allows different machine languages to speak a common language & allow analytics to take place in a myriad of systems. 
    We will develop a solution that is going to inform all of the data sets, allowing for faster, better outcomes.

Step 3. We will then develop a solution that is going to inform all of the data sets, allowing for faster, better outcomes.














Custom Data Integration Solutions

LHP delivers custom Data Integration solutions. We are experts at taking disparate data sets from legacy and new systems, then designing and developing solutions to help analyze, visualize and inform better business decisions. We deliver better business insights through data integration. 

Assessment of Business Systems & GAPRAP

Assessment of Business Systems & GAP/RAP

  • Input: Gap Analysis for Data integration
  • Output:  Provide a recommendation on how to change their data int. reporting. Integration of systems

System integration of Business Systems

System integration of Business Systems

  • Input: Integration of business systems as it relates to engineering workflows
  • Output: Business Tools without a Process Results in a Disconnected Engineering Workforce. Functional Safety + Industry Standards + Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Complexity = Exponential Workload That Needs to Be Managed Efficiently

Business Tool Selection (ALM)

Business Tool Selection (ALM)

  • Input: Current tools and development processes
  • Output: Tool trade study and recommendation considering the latest industry standards

Full tool integration

Full tool integration

  • Input: Current tools, development processes, and application standards
  • Output:  Full tool integration and automation

Custom Tool Development

Custom Tool Development

  • Input: Analysis of current toolsets and processes against evolving industry standards (EV/AV/FuSa/AUTOSAR)
  • Output: Custom tool development for business processes – Develop an application tool to enable business efficiency

Continuous ImprovementFeedback Loop

Continuous Improvement/Feedback Loop

  • Input:  Customer feedback or an error analysis / failed V&V
  • Output:  Insights to root cause to allow to faster time to market/Realized ROI – predictive overtime


Testing, Connectivity, and Analytics


Better Decision-Making via Better Test Data, Standards Expertise, and Analytics

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