Design of Automotive Safety-Critical Systems Using Medini


A Systematic Approach to Hardware Architectural Metrics Evaluation for Functional Safety Lifecycle


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Provide interactive practice for your engineers on how to utilize a systematic design roadmap to implement functional safety into the design. Enhance learning with hands-on practice using the ANSYS Medini tool, specifically tailored for ISO 26262. This training course will enable your engineers to influence the design to ensure product safety and ISO 26262 standard compliance, and effectively execute a successful program.


The training course is advanced training to implement ISO 26262 functional safety into a program’s lifecycle. The course requires the student to have an understanding of the ISO 26262 concept, preferably focused on hardware.


At LHP You Will Receive:

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Engaged Mentorship

  • Guidance of Industry Standards

  • Coaching on Implementation

LHP offers technical training and hands-on workshops that are customized to the needs of your organization. 

Technical Training:

Due to our vast background and knowledge of related functional safety standards, we can provide training on a number of topics and requirements for functional safety.

Topics Include, but Are Not Limited to:

  • Introduction to Functional Safety Process

  • Overview of Documentation Requirements

  • Overview of Management and Technical Activities Throughout the Safety Lifecycle Phases

  • Functional Safety Management and Risk Analysis

Hands-on Workshop:

The intent of the customized hands-on workshop is to help organizations better understand the functional safety process and discuss company-specific examples based on tools and processes used during requirements, design, development and production phases.

Through this hands-on workshop, the company’s engineers will be able to develop a better
understanding of functional safety concepts and real-world implementation. LHP can also assist with any questions specific to tools or processes currently used by the company. 


Topics Include, but Are Not Limited to:

  • How to Get Started

  • Item Definition

  • HARA

  • Safety Goals

  • Functional Safety Concept

  • Functional Safety Requirements

  • Verification and Validation

  • Tool Qualification

  • Recommended Next Steps Certification Outline

  • Questions


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