eBook: Adopting Functional Safety; An Executive-Level View 



Mockup- Adopting Functional Safety; An Executive-Level View






Adopting Functional Safety Executive-Level View 

Automotive systems are evolving rapidly to keep pace with a regular stream of additional features and capabilities. Fresh advanced driver-assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warnings and self-parking technologies emerge with every new car model. Electric vehicles (EVs) bring a different wrinkle with high-voltage power and large batteries that require special charging controls. Over-the-air connectivity may soon be required for software updates. As a result, the autonomous driving future will stimulate many, many new layers

This eBook provides today’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and supplier executives with fundamental knowledge on functional safety and how safety compliance at a cultural level can lead to market growth, operational consistency, and improved product quality while forestalling the consequences that may attend those who are unprepared.


Download the eBook for more information about:

  • The Autonomous Vehicle Industry

  • Key Aspects of Functional Safety

  • Safety of the Intended Functionality 
  • consequences of E/E System Failures 

  • Future Laws and Guidelines 
  • Pathways to ISO 26262 Compliance

  • A Holistic Approach to ISO 26262

  • Management Objectives of Implementing  ISO 26262  

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