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EV Testing Center

Now offering optimization and commercialization of electrified power via LHP's new EV Testing Center. LHP’s new high voltage EV Testing Center consists of four major areas; Dyno Loading System, High Voltage Skateboard (SKB), Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and Telematics and Analytics.


Loading System (Dyno)

Simulate powertrain loads to exercise and characterize key vehicle (SKB or Customer) parameters. It will be controlled by the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and provide vehicle performance data back to the ATE for processing


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High-Voltage Skateboard (SKB):

A converted Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle to create an Electric Vehicle (EV) testing platform. Tests will be performed by the ATE with a Dyno in the loop. The SKB will allow customer components and subsystems to be installed for robust integration and testing.


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Learn how LHP transformed an ICE vehicle into an EV prototype at our high-voltage EV Testing Center


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Automated Test Equipment (ATE):

This will be used to support SKB/Customer vehicle and system integration and testing in both manual and/or automated test environments. The sub-elements of the ATE and EV can be used for Hardware In Loop (HIL) bench top integration and tests.


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Telematics & Analytics

Both capture vehicle performance/maintenance parameters and provide them to the cloud for key stakeholders. Data reporting/analysis can be established to show prognostics and key customer needs.


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Where your EV Platform Goes from Prototype to Production


Standards & Regulations - EVs and infrastructure are evolving quickly. Standards for EVs, Safety and Cybersecurity are continuously evolving. Interpreting those standards and prototyping for real-world scenarios can be done inside our High Voltage EV Testing Center.

AUTOSAR & MBD - Exponential growth of software in next-generation vehicles makes it impossible to effectively launch without a modeling & simulation environment, along with a standardized code structure.

ALM - The process used to develop, validate, and release EV software—combined with the complexities of Standards & Regs.—requires a workflow and set of tools that are scalable and integrated for a global organization.

Tools & Equipment - Hybrid and Electric vehicles and components require specialized tools and equipment for development, operations, and maintenance.

Advanced Analytics & Data Integration - The commercialization of vehicles beyond low-volume prototypes requires specialized integration of engineering ops and field data to provide the correct insights and decision-making tools.


High Voltage EV Testing Center Use Cases

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EV Component/Subsystems Development & Testing

Input:  Includes the black box/subsystem, along with the identified requirements.

Output:  We modify ATE for a customer’s EV.

Use Case: The customer wants us to test an electric converter/ABS. They give us their inverter/ABS; we replace our SKB inverter/ABS with their inverter/ABS; they give us the desired requirements, then we develop software scripting and conduct test cases and give them a report based on the results.

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EV Bench Top HIL (Hardware in Loop)

Use Case: The customer has a powertrain that is too big for LHP's SKB. Our team will hook up our ATE and Bench Top HIL in order to run tests on their powertrain. LHP will modify the hardware and test their equipment.

The value: LHP can offer VCU testing in conjunction with a HIL; That HIL can be a desktop or full-sized version. Then we will give the customer a report based on the results.

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Full Electric Vehicle

Input: includes the customer EV, along with the identified requirements.

Output: We modify ATE for a customer’s EV.

Use Case: If a customer wants us to test an electric converter/ABS/EV we replace our SKB and interfaced to our ATE; then we develop software scripting and conduct test cases and give them a report based on the results.

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EV Integration & Road Test

This can be conducted with modified SKB [Component/Subsystem] or customer EV
This can be done with simulated road conditions and vehicle loads (Dyno) or in real-life conditions.

We can perform some basic road-testing; wireless is being set up as well, enabling a farther distance for road testing.

This is non-autonomous activity, so this would still include a driver.

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EV Telematics & Analytics (Component/Subsystem/EV)

  • It captures vehicle performance/maintenance parameters and provides them to the cloud for key stakeholders.
  • Data reporting/analysis can be established to show prognostics and key customer needs.
  • There would be ongoing monitoring and data reporting throughout testing/demo.

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Integrate Vehicle Sensor System for ADAS

  • In the lab: Initial integration of vehicle and sensors.
  • Testing in a simulated lab environment.
  • Output an integrated vehicle that can be tested in the real world.

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